I Have a Problem With the Character "Linkle"

"For years, vocal Nintendo fans have been clamoring for a female alternative to the male hero Link. After all, in so many other games, it is possible to customize the main character and choose a gender. Though this reality holds true through some Nintendo properties as well, such as Pokemon and Animal Crossing, some fans wanted a hero that represented their own gender. Sure, Sheik was definitely an awesome female character, as was Tetra , but even with Sheik it was a female adopting the male persona in order to become that hero. After far too many games where a male Link is the one rescuing the kingdom in peril, there are those that contend that a female option should also be available for those interested" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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If the option is available to use both, I will use Link and kick it old school.

pcz3124d ago

link was always transgender. its only now he's 'coming out' and embracing his femininity.

thats why nintendo never made him speak, because he has a girls voice

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NukaCola3124d ago

Well, excuuussseeeee me..... princess


3-4-53124d ago

uhh what?

You are really into your own agenda aren't you.

babadivad3124d ago


I laughed so hard at this but I don't think many here will get the reference.

overrated443123d ago

Yup, totally doesn't use his voice except for all the times in all the games when he uses his voice.

scark923123d ago

Good Joke....

also @NukaCola, you saw the opportunity, and you took it, good on you! :D

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Jag-T10003123d ago

Only magic can turn you into a girl. Otherwise you are only playing dressup.

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nunley333124d ago

That's more like he became a G.I.R.L.

tylorw093124d ago

in this article... "Nintendo gave us what we wanted, Let's complain anyways"

Summons753124d ago

Yup, the "2015 Never satisfied and always offended" year is apparently continuing through 2016...There goes my hope of that changing.

Peace_Love_and_FPS3124d ago

Once the companies realize they don't have to give a s*** and have full creative license, as well as the fact that this causes very little difference in sales, bending to SJW will stop. It's already stopping after that post slamming SJWs that made the news.

Helios863124d ago

Welcome to gender politics and social justice. It will only get bigger and bigger when the media is spinning their narrative. We can either stand up or see everything we love be destroyed.

Scatpants3124d ago

I'm already starting to see a pushback against the offendotrons. Literally everyone else is annoyed by them.

Godmars2903124d ago

"For years"?

Didn't this crap start because of the teaser trailer for the next game?