Three Mechanics Zelda U Needs To Have

Zelda Informer: "We don’t know that much about The Legend of Zelda: Wii U. Our information and glimpses have been few and far-between. We know that it is open world and we know it has a day and night cycle. We know it has a different animation style and we know Link looks way different. We also know that it’s for the Wii U. That’s not a lot to go on. However, that does not stop people from speculating about this forthcoming game. There are fan theories and fan art galore and it might be possible that this could be the best Zelda game to date. However, there are a few things that this game must have in order to contend with the biggest games of this generation. Otherwise, it might not hold up."

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gangsta_red1851d ago

Out of all the games coming next year this is the one I am really curious about. I am very interested to see how Nintendo handles a huge open world type of sandbox game. Add in that special Nintendo gameplay type of magic and Zelda U could be one of the best games for next year.

ShadowKnight1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

Zelda games has never disappointed me. It will get a 10 next year!

XXXL1851d ago

Definitely want the world to have lots of small touches and secrets for the player to find. Link to the past for example, one of favorite touches was acquiring the bottles. I thought it was so cool to find my way under the bridge and uncover the man down there... Stuff like that will make the world feel alive

About30Ninjas1851d ago

Fuck this article the Next Zelda will be the best Zelda ever created mark my words

sk8ofmnd1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

Three things it doesnt need:

1. Called ZeldaU
2. Delayed for the nx
3. Gimicky

Skyward Sword was my least favorite Zelda in the series and im sure many agree.