Is Fire Fall finally at its end? Red5 and their game are in trouble; we try to find out why

Red5 and their game Fire Fall are in trouble, brokenjoysticks Fionna Fox recalls the fun she had in the game, and why she believes it failed in the end.

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BlackIceJoe1113d ago

It is amazing to think this is the only game that used the Offset engine. It is too bad Intel bought the engine and has done nothing with it since then. If they were smart it could have been used in other games like how they license Havok. I still would how great the game Project Offset would have been had it been able to come out.

FionnaFox1113d ago

One of many mis-managment decsisions by the old CEO for sure

3-4-51113d ago

Fire Fall single player RPG would have been a better decision.

FionnaFox1113d ago

Id still totally play that honestly. The game has a lot of cool mechanics, and could be converted in to that.