Mark Kern Q and A interview – League for gamers, censorship, games journalism and SJW mentality

A few days ago, I (Robin Ek, The Gaming Ground) had the opportunity to do a Q and A interview with the game industry veteran and League for gamers founder Mark Kern (Starcraft, Wow, Diablo 2, Wow, Firefall). And in the interview (Robin Ek) I asked Kern about everything from censorship in the games industry, LFG (League for gamers), the current SJW mentality in the industry, his past to game journalism. And this is what Kern had to say to us.


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Simon_the_sorcerer2048d ago

I have always liked Mark Kern :3

TGG_overlord2048d ago

Kern is a really good guy imo, and people should give him and LFG a fair chance.

002044d ago

really good interview.

TGG_overlord2042d ago

Thank you =) And I´m not suspended anymore as well ;)

Ristul2044d ago

Very interesting read, I hope developers get the courage to resist the SJW and start fighting for creative freedom.

TGG_overlord2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

Thanks =) I really took my time to come up with some good and relevant questions for Kern. And he nailed every single question imo. And you´re right, it´s time for the Gaming community to fight back against the SJW and PC-bro bs.

Roccetarius2043d ago

Great stuff, and Mark does know what's up. The way to fight these people, is simply to say no and create the game you want to. People will buy your game, and those throwing bomb threats at you, well, they were never going to buy your game anyways.

We have to shut them down now, otherwise it'll just get much worse.

TGG_overlord2042d ago

I´m glad to hear that you enjoyed the interview =) Correct, Mark knows the deal for sure. He knows what´s at stake if something isn´t done about this (censorship, thought and opinion Internet police officers, limited freedom of speech and so on).