Dabigsiebowski3068d ago

I'm stoked. I've been wanting Grim Fandango!

thekhurg3068d ago

More indie games, thanks Sony...

Would it kill them to add just one AAA title to mix after two years on the market?

Killzone could use some life and giving it away would 100% give a substantial boost to the online community.

Kingthrash3603068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Thought drive club was a AAA....no?
It came out free for plus on July no?
AAA game...whithin two years
That should have satisfied you.
But wait we are complaining about free stuff so we'll just ignore it.
Nobody else is giving AAA games for free.. its crazy how DC get ignored but MS bring KI and all a sudden they are God's lol. The AAA games will come soon enough these things cost money to make the free for us. Plus kill zone is a bargain bin game and yall would complain about that....smh
OT this is a decent month.

Stapleface3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

@kingthrash, about that..They were too cheap to even give away the full game. This isn't about MS and games with gold. It's about the ps+ line up.

thekhurg3068d ago


The drive club freebie wasn't the full game, just a glorified demo.

seanpitt233068d ago

Medal of honour lol that game was average at best the campaign was boring the mp was OK but they took the servers down years ago so it looks like the campaign only guys I have still got the game to this day

JimmyDM903068d ago

We got Injustice: Gods Among Us on PS+ but I agree they need to up their game. If it continues like this, I won't be re-subscribing because I really don't care about online multiplayer.

IamTylerDurden13068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )


Injustice Ultimate Edition is a AAA that was free on PS4 much less than 2 yrs ago. Wasn't inFAMOUS 1st Light given that very same month lol. I know, 1st light is a "DLC" right...

Driveclub ps plus Edition, Outlast, The Walking Dead Season 2, Styx, Gauntlet, Magika 2, Rocket League...Such classic no-budget indies lol. U probably complained about Resogun, Guacamelee, and Strider as well. Are ppl really so closed off that they'd rather a bad AAA than a fantastic "indie"? Scary world.

Anyone who calls Driveclub ps plus edition a " demo" is foolish. It has a Platinum trophy and its own full Tour mode...and u can participate in every game mode, challenge, and club aspect. Ur just limited to a small number of cars and locations. A demo is 1 car 1 track.

MajorLazer3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

PS4 offerings are dissapointing but the PS3 offerings are awesome! :D I was thinking of giving away my PS3 in the next few weeks and just gaming on the PS4 and PC but now I'll keep it for a little longer ;)

ABizzel13067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

I don't understand why they didn't do Dragon Age Origins on PS4.

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Muzikguy3068d ago

I'm thinking I'm just going to let my subscription run out in January. I know it's "only" $50, but it just seems like such a waste of money. Maybe I'll renew when No Man's Sky comes out

IamTylerDurden13068d ago

Let it run out Muzikguy tbh ever since PS4's inception PSN has been flooded with casuals. Not saying ur a casual but i find it better to actually speak with your actions than to make veiled threats.

I now understand how gta sells 50 million copies and Tearaway can barely sell 500k. It's a GTA and Minecraft world, ppl want junkfood games. How many of u guys bought Soma?

Muzikguy3068d ago

I'm planning on letting it run out. I do agree that there are many casuals just out there playing whatever they deem as "popular". Games like Until Dawn get lost in the spotlight. I thought Until Dawn was awesome and I plan on picking it up. I just have a backlog to get through at the moment and with all the games coming out next year that's going to get a lot bigger. (And no I'm not a casual gamer. Unless we mean casual as in not playing all day every day)

slappy5083068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

I'll be doing the same (mine lapses today, end of December) sure the games you get throughout the year does surpass 50 bucks in total, but it's not really value if you only end up playing 3 of them(basically my situation of plus this year), I'd rather not pay the fee for plus and rather pick 1 or 2 games I actually want to play of my choosing

jmac533067d ago

IMO Rocket League was worth that $50 this year with the amount of time I sunk into it. BTW it never gets old seeing all the people complain about no AAA games and when one does come out people complain they already have it.

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Realms3068d ago

Some people it's an OLINE SERVICE SUBSCRIPTION not a give free games service and if you only have PS plus for the games then it's your fault for paying for a service that is clearly for online gaming the games are just an added bonus.

t-hall7853068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

well to people who owned a ps3 with ps+, i don't see them looking at it that way. I didn't have ps3 so having a 360 and an X1, that's what I pay for. When i got my ps4, I got + for online. But ps3 owners play online for free so them going from that to this current situation on ps4 is a little underwhelming to some. Not all I'm sure.

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slappy5083068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

The online service is not up to standard either. There is no excuse to have first party games Running on p2p instead of dedicated servers

TwoForce3068d ago

@thekhurg DriveClub is a demo ? Are you seriously ? Disargree me all you want. But that how you pissed people opinion.

Rayven3068d ago

You're either completely misinformed or a real sony fanboy. Ps plus gave away a "special" ps plus exclusive driveclub that contains 1 location (India with a set of different tracks) and a few cars. The real drivwclub contains much more than that.

TwoForce3067d ago

@Rayman i love Driveclub. But the way he comments it just piss me off.

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3068d ago
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Neonridr3068d ago

Assuming this list is for NA as well, then it looks like Grim Fandango is all I will be downloading this upcoming month.

Genuine-User3068d ago

I'm assuming you don't like car combat games?

kaizokuspy3068d ago

Hardware rivals was a free beta last month I believe. It wasn't very fun, pretty bland, and pretty boring at least to me. I can see where he's coming from, but for those who enjoyed it, I understand where they are coming from. Not really a stellar game by any means, but not a terrible one either.

Neonridr3068d ago

meh, doesn't strike me as anything must have. I may add it to my basket, or start/stop the download so that I can try it out at a later date. But I don't have all the time in the world to play video games unfortunately. So I usually reserve my time for stuff that truly interests me.

Twisted Metal, etc weren't exactly my sort of games.