The 20 JRPGs You Must Play

There comes a time when every person must sit back, think about his or her life’s accomplishments, and wonder, “What JRPGs should I play?”

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Hoffmann2213d ago

Kotaku did a ton of bad articles and especially lists, but this one is pretty good. There are way too many great j-rpg's though to get them all into a best list with only 20 of them..and personally I wouldn't put action rpg's like Secret of Mana or strategical rpgs like FF Tactics in a list with traditional jrpgs like Final Fantasy VI or Xenogears though.

Okay...after all..maybe their list was not soooo good. Hmm well..its Kotaku after all.

Genova842213d ago

When i think of great JRPGs, I first think of he turnbased ones, but then immediately think of the strategy and action ones.

That said, the fact that Zelda didn't make the cut is disappointing ...

Hoffmann2213d ago

Its because Zelda is not an rpg in a popular definition since Link does not level up through experience but through finding the heart containers (I think)

breakpad2213d ago

i would add BoF3 and FF8(if the Squall rumor is true is the most mature FF in the whole series)

NukaCola2212d ago

E.V.O. The Search for Eden on Super NES. One of my all-time favorite hidden gems.

Fist4achin2212d ago

There are a ton of great jrpgs. So many that didn't make the list though. I was a little sad that FFX didn't make the list. I thought the story was outstanding.

BlahBlahWhatever2212d ago

Breath of Fire III deserve to be on a list such as this one & also Tactics Ogre > FF: Tactics & RPGFan agree with me on this

Takwin2212d ago

Fire Emblem Awakening > Tactics Ogre > FF Tactics.

I loved Tactics Ogre so much. It was a freaking gem and would stand the test of time with just some basic sprucing and QOL stuff.

DigitalRaptor2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

Lots of great titles in this list.

I'm going to try and platinum Ni No Kuni before NNK2 comes out, P4G before Persona 5 comes out, and Final Fantasy VII before part one of the Remake comes out. I think I've got time.

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