GameDaily: Bionic Commando Rearmed Review

Bionic Commando Rearmed is a remixed version of the classic 20-year-old NES adventure as a lone hero who takes on a faction of evil soldiers. Although he has some help, he relies on three things over the course of each mission – his wits, his weapons and a bionic arm.

Nathan "Radd" Spencer, the hero of Rearmed, rides with a co-pilot from section to section, broken out into a numbered grid. Some of these sections are in the hands of friendly forces, which you can visit to get weapon upgrades and other vital tools. Others are enemy controlled, with soldiers roaming around and security measures, such as laser grids and cannons, put in place. It's Spencer's job to sneak in, take out these forces and bring down the enemy leader while attempting to locate his mentor, Super Joe.

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Surfman3744d ago

this game is great, and for 10 bucks, its a steal.

deeznuts3744d ago

Is this game just a redo or a reimagining?

Surfman3744d ago

more than a remake, its very fun, beautiful graphics and long life-time.