Review: Steel Empire - Shmup meets steampunk - Gaming Boulevard

The guys of Gaming Boulevard review Steel Empire for Nintendo 3DS and concluded:

Steel Empire offers a great steampunk shoot ’em up experience for the Nintendo 3DS owners. If you like your shoot ’em up games fast and gorgeous, this one should definitely be on your radar. The setting is brilliant and the boss battles offer a lot of fun. It’s a shame there aren’t more than seven playable levels but replaying the levels with different aircrafts is fun nevertheless. That being said, if you’re into shoot ’em up games, try this one for sure!

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Wow, I was just talking about this game, just before x-mas. I was at Target with the family, and I saw a display with one of those knockoff 80-in-1 game consoles that also played Sega Genesis cartridges, it showed most, if not all the games preloaded, and I was just commenting about a lot of great games that weren't there SE being one. I got an eshop card for x-mas, I'm gonna pick this up.