Why You Shouldn't Complain About XBLA Pricing

A few weeks ago, a rumor surfaced that Braid & Castle Crashers would be 1200 and 1800 MS Points respectively. When Braid was revealed to be 1200 points, gamers everywhere shouted in protest, refusing to pay so much for downloadable titles. Ripten's Demi Adejuyigbe explains just why gamers should be willing to support the $15 price tags on Castle Crashers & Braid.

Jack Bauer5408d ago

i refuse to buy any more arcade games until MS fixes the points systems and stops making me buy more then i need....

why do points come in increments of 500 packs when arcade games sell from increments of 400

Fishy Fingers5408d ago (Edited 5408d ago )

I think it's rather obvious. 1, if you have points left over your more likely to be swayed into buying something else, whether that's at the same time or at a later date. 2, Imagine a game is £4 and you buy £5 worth of points, while your not technically losing anything, if that's the case for several million of us then MS have several million £'s sat in there account building them interest and giving them that little extra cash to play with.

A lot of companies operate like this, it's rather shroud but nothing unusual.

Regarding the article, worth is a matter of opinion, because I think something is worth $15 doesnt mean I have the right to tell everyone they shouldnt moan because $15 is a fair price. BTW I actually think Braid is worth every penny, great game. Dont wanna take my word for it, pick a review. They're all good.

Tomdc5408d ago

i hate articles that tell me what i "should" and especially "shouldn't" do.

tgh machines5408d ago

Its $20 for 1600 microsoft points.

gynecologistcobra5408d ago

You don't have to buy points with a credit card, you know. You can get points cards as well.

ruibing5408d ago

"Blow says, and with a new deal structure in play, he fears cost sustainment. "If it's as I've heard that it is, I couldn't even necessarily break even."" - Braid's developer

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toughNAME5408d ago (Edited 5408d ago )

I place my complete trust and confidence in Microsoft Corp. and it's subsidies.

Thank you Microsoft, for giving me the priviledge of using Xbox Live.

Fishy Fingers5408d ago

Don't thank them, you paid for it. I don't thank BMW for charging me for my car or the bank for my morgage. My console/OS manufacturer is no different.

Thank your ass for getting out of bed and going to work.

Deviant5408d ago

how can ppl end up that pathetic.
blind fanboys never stop amazing me.

GiantEnemyCrab5408d ago

Don't worry ToughNAME I got your sarcasm.

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beoulve5408d ago

why shouldn't? You pay for live subscription and on top of that, you have to pay for games. I rather pay for gametap then.

gynecologistcobra5408d ago

That's a pretty close minded thinking process, since you're not paying for the ability to buy games, you're paying for multiplayer and other XBl features as well. Its not a free service to maintain, and with 10 million+ players on XBL, MS has got to make money to keep it up somehow.

Besides, less than 4 bucks a month is nothing to complain about.

typikal825408d ago

thats the thing I hated about XBL, is the points system is just plain dumb. Use real money already!!

TOSgamer5408d ago

At least Nintendo makes their points match up to real money. $1 = 1000 points. What MS is doing $1.25 = 100 points is just anti-consumer as is a lot of the stuff they are trying to pull this generation.

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