Disney Interactive Eyes RPG Space

In an exclusive interview with GameDaily BIZ, Disney Interactive Studios' executive vp Graham Hopper has revealed that he'd like Disney to start developing more role-playing games in the near future. In fact, Disney already has something underway, but Hopper would not give us further details.

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Mao4422d ago

But that is completely dependant on Square-Enix. If BVG is up for more RPGs I'm all for it. The genre is painfully under-represented this gen.

ferdus-hutki-shira4422d ago

he talking about spectral force made by disney

ferdus-hutki-shira4422d ago

its actually called spectrobes

Ozzyb4422d ago

I've actually never played a Kingdom Hearts game. I've heard nothing but good things about it, but the Disney characters really do scare me away. I know the game play probably overshadows all the the kiddie characters/settings but.. I wonder if I would still play MGS if he was a fairy with a wand. lol

takedown4422d ago

I know what you mean, they scared me off too for a bit. But i tried them and I completely loved them. And for the mgs thing.....yes, if the story is still awesome, I'd totally play the fairyfied version.

Ozzyb4422d ago

Hehe yea.. I know what you are saying. I dunno, I think you guys are swaying me a bit. I might have to give them a shot. Hell, Sephiroth is in them so it's gotta be decent! (please disregard Ehrgeiz or w/e the hell that Square fighting game was)

Nathaniel_Drake4421d ago (Edited 4421d ago )

Yeah you should play it, and you are going to love the music, and it is not a cakewalk, freaking hard, you might die sometimes, and some bosses take the whole screen, and you can fly, and tons of minigames and building your own ship....okay too much but this is an action rpg that's can be 60 hours long, an action rpg, you are going to get your money's worth

Note: For me anyway this is the best action rpg since Seiken Densetsu 3

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ferdus-hutki-shira4422d ago (Edited 4422d ago )

kingdom hearts 3 likely ps3 exclusive

disney only on blu ray. Kingdom hearts is an official Playstation trademark

if on 360 i wont ever buy another square game. i am a square fan and it will prove they are lazy and care more about money than quality

ferdus-hutki-shira4422d ago (Edited 4422d ago )

but after FFXIII 360 announcement i learnt that anything is possible and to never say never !!!!!!!

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