Diehard GameFAN: Hellboy Review

Hellboy: The Science of Evil is really only going to appeal only to fans of the franchise, and even then only temporarily, as it's generally nothing special and does nothing new, exciting or different, and what it does has been done better a million times over. Fans might find the combat system acceptable for a while, and with on or offline multiplayer and six stages to go through, there's enough to do to keep you occupied for a while. But between the complete lack of originality, the general tediousness of the experience, the lack of any reason to play the game more than once and the fact that the mechanics of the game are occasionally obtuse or not designed to function properly.

The ONLY person who is going to get anything from the game is someone who is a fan of the franchise, and even then they can get everything they need to from it in a rental period. The bottom line is that even if you're interested in Hellboy: The Science of Evil, you can safely rent it and see everything you need to, and never need to play it again beyond that.

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