The Mystical and Mysterious Black Box

A little tale of a black box that changed an industry.

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superchiller1031d ago

Very well written article. I still have multiple OG XBOX consoles, bought a few extra towards the end of its lifespan. Fantastic console that really put Microsoft on the map in the console market!

Trekster_Gamer790d ago

Childish Fanboy disagree's...

2pacalypsenow1031d ago

Xbox 360 really was a great console

iNFAMOUZ11030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

long live xbox original, man i still remember when i first got it, best moment of my life second to halo ce/halo 2 days
still got it, but i dont think it works anymore

DivineAssault 1030d ago

I liked the OG xb.. Mainly due to bioware & sega releasing the unfinished dreamcast titles on it.. I do remember playing Halo for the 1st time.. It was pretty awesome having a vast area to explore with smooth gameplay.. They lost their charm to me though.. Theres no exclusives that feel refreshing like that anymore

christocolus1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

Ninja Gaiden, DOA3, Crimzon Skies, Mech Assault, Fuzion Frenzy, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Blinx and Halo CE were some of my best games on the OG Xbox.

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