More breathtaking Ferrari Challenge screenshots

Ferrari Challenge is nearing its release date for North Ameria: August 26th, 2008. As its release nears, more screenshots are emerging to tame our anticipation.

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Speed-Racer3770d ago

It's a shame that this game sucks in general

GiantEnemyCrab3770d ago

Breathtaking??? For a PS2 game maybe.

(thinks about the Too Human trolls and waits for this one to flop)

PoSTedUP3769d ago

Naa mek mi vex, mon! yu a chi chi man, a true. yu a half eediat, mi nah jesta. yu a liad xbox qwine a laas chi chi man p*ssyclot!

mi a bad bwoy, a true. uy a chi chi man, a true.