Carrier Command coming to PC and consoles

Boomtown writes: "One of the best games ever created is getting sequel from the folks who brought us Operation Flashpoint. Ohemia Interactive and Black Element Software have announced the development of the multi-platform Carrier Command: Gaea Mission. The game is based on the brilliant 1988 gamer where players controlled a futuristic carrier with its own drone tanks and aircraft.

The game is set for release in spring 2010 on PC and we assume PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. "

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sak5003717d ago

Wow i remember playing it in late 80s on C64 or was it amiga?

Si-Pie3717d ago

Yes I played it back then too on the Amiga. Dont think it was released on the C64 if im not mistaken. Was a great game and still got it and play it through winuae.

heihoosilver3717d ago

yes it was relesed on the C64, i played a lot on C64 and on ZXSpectrum+2. Great game and a welcome news.

popup3717d ago

Somebody whisper, 'It's just another mission' and everyone remembers the soundtrack too...?