15 Games That Disappointed You In 2015

Every gamer have had this problem, they have waited for a title for several years only for it to be a disappointment. 2015 had its fair share of games that were a disappointment, failed to live up or were just total crap.

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stanr2228d ago

What are your worst game of 2015? Was there any that were missed.

Aloy-Boyfriend2228d ago

Mad Max, FNAF4, and Black Ops 3 should be out of that list.

Dannycr2228d ago

Well definitely the game that disappointed me the most was MGS5.

OhMyGandhi2228d ago

Fallout 4, Phantom Pain, The Order, and Arkham Knight.

I would also add the new Tony Hawk and the new Need for Speed, both games that promised to revisit what made their respective franchises so great, and failed to do so in spectacular fashion.

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The story is too old to be commented.