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DarkOcelet2228d ago

I am getting them all!

2016 looks insane!

bixxel2228d ago

My first choice will be Dishonored 2. Others can wait.

SniperControl2228d ago

My wallet just looked at me and whimpered..........

Rip-Ridah2228d ago

Great line up of games. Outlast 2 and the underwater game look nice. Can't wait!!

UserNameIsNotTaken2228d ago

All of dem!

Some games are missing though.
Ratchet&Clank for example.

medman2228d ago

Many games are missing, but that's ok. We get their point.

Rookie_Monster2228d ago

Great list again. Can't wait for Uncharted 4.

MasterCornholio2228d ago

Great list.


Glad that Sony isn't being complacent.

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