PS3 vs 360: When Is An 'Exclusive' An Exclusive?

From gameplayer: 'Exclusive' is a seriously devalued word. It isn't bankrupt yet, but it has a lot of trouble getting credit.

"Yet certain video game companies continue to bank on it, hoping its power will persuade everyday gamers to hand over their money."

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Fat Princess5519d ago

"Sony/Microsoft exclusives may not be everything, but they’re the only ones that matter."

Quoted for truth.

kingnick5519d ago

"Sony/Microsoft exclusives may not be everything, but they’re the only ones that matter."

Quoted for ignorance. Even if they don't like Wii Sports (I find it boring and shallow) you have to admit it's the most popular new IP this gen and has probably sold more hardware than any other game.

SlappingOysters5519d ago (Edited 5519d ago )

The games for free. Which means its 'sales figures' don't prove a hell of a lot.

I admit it is well regarded by Wii owners, but they'll never be able to prove either way whether it has sustained any long-term popularity.

Real Gambler5519d ago

"A man buys a Mac when he wants to disappear up his own arse."

Wow, I'm not sure, but that would mean that about 25% of the PC market does. There must be another reason...

"Games coming to the PC, but this is irrelevant to the console converts."

Yikes, if a game is not coming on my console, and I truly want it, I have no problems buying it for my PC, and I'm sure many other console owners do. I would not say it's irrelevant! Some games always play better on PC anyway. (Ex.: Would not buy a RTS for a console, unless they finally use a keyboard)

ice_prophecy5519d ago

I personally don't see the benefit of multi platform games to gamers. I remember the days where each console had games that defined that consoles. (Unless you feel that having access to all games on one system is a benefit, then I can't dispute that)

I'd prefer it if each company developed unique games that are ranked in the 'AAA' levels for their own consoles (I hate that term so much).

That way, I am compelled to own both consoles. (or all three)

However, that will never happen. Mix platform titles = more money for developers and there is nothing wrong with that. They are a business and all.

DiabloRising5519d ago

They do, thats why we have first and third party games.

BigBaehr5519d ago

Whatever happened to those 2nd party games?

TheAveragePs3User5519d ago


ICE is my new best friend.

AAACE55519d ago

Technically that's the way it has always been! The first party titles are the exclusives that provide an experience (supposedly) unattainable on the other consoles. And third party developers create their game for whatever purpose they see fit!

Alot of people got mad about the FF thing cause sony owns shares in the company, but unless sony owns a controlling share value (51%) they can't argue too much. People got so used to the FF franchise being on a PS console, they seemed to think sony owned them. But Square/Enix is showing gamers the ugly truth and some people can't handle it!

ice_prophecy5519d ago (Edited 5519d ago )

I guess I was thinking of third parties only when I was making that comment.

I don't think that third party companies should console exclusive. However I feel that Images tie to each console should remain like that.

Before I get shot down with comments about how single track minded I must be and that I must be jealous about the FFXIII cross over to 360, let me put this in:

Why aim for obtaining a FF series? Why not have SE makes a equal or better title for the 360?

Why want God of War on 360? Isn't it better to get something Unique of the same calibre and same style if not better?

I guess my point really is, there is no point in blinding yourself with the person in front. Look past them, and aim for new heights.

That way, better games will keep coming out.

ps: I am gonna be shot down for these opinions aren't I?

jtucker785519d ago

I think that was a fair post.

I think trumping each other is the way to go. Innovation drives the industry.
It shouldn;t be about taking exclusives. Build something better instead.

Have a bubble - just in case you get shot down.

juuken5519d ago (Edited 5519d ago )

I agree with some of your points. In my opinion, 3rd party exclusives always allowed you to choose one console over the the next one.

It sucks that those days are over but 1st party is what matters the most now.

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King Me5519d ago (Edited 5519d ago )

In terms of them fighting for fanboys,I disagree;They're fighting for the hardcore gamers.Now,not all hardcore gamers are fanboys,sure,a person might have a preference,but the preference may not necessarily be fanatical in nature.

Moving on,if a game is on multiple platforms,it isn't an exclusive.I played COD4 and Gears of War on the PC,so neither one is an exclusive.Same applies to The Agency,and all other games that release on more than one platform.

SlappingOysters5519d ago

If a game is on PC and X360 I still think of it as a 360 exclusive. I guess if it is on both formats then I will opt for the 360 because I prefer playing from a couch rather than a desk.

I have an awesome PC, but it only comes out for gaming for the big PC titles like Crysis, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R

Kufi-5519d ago (Edited 5519d ago )

you are wrong.
Not everybody have Xbox360.
i have only ps3 and PC but i played Mass effect and gears on PC(about over 1 hour then i uninstalled).
i mean how could be it Xbox360exclusive if i could play it without xbox?If 1 game is on more than 1 platform then that is no more exclusive thats it.

Noel Sulik5519d ago

Why the hell would you buy Mass Effect and only play it for 1 hour. -_-
Mass Effect is a console exclusive so that is why I think it still is a 360exclusive IMO.

power of Green 5519d ago

Speaking from a console market point of view, a console exclusive is a console exclusive. The console market doesn't compete with the PC market making console/PC points moot when trying to downplay a game that is console exclusive yet has PC brethern.

I do wish the console media would just use the term "MSFT EXCLUSIVE" when games are only on Windows and Xbox, so that we can put an end to all this nonsense.


SlappingOysters5519d ago

are you suggesting I don't think like that?

TheExecutive5519d ago

well, you can think whatever you want. If it is on two platforms it isnt an exclusive. Spin the name however you want, call it a "console" exclusive, you have to admit it loses some of its selling power when it goes to multiple platforms.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida5519d ago (Edited 5519d ago )

An exclusive is a console game that does not end up on PC.The Agency,Gears of War,DC Online,Huxley,and Halo 2 are not exclusive titles

ThatCanadianGuy5519d ago

And fable! and most likely fable 2..

Kufi-5519d ago

yes its 100% fable2 will come to pc

Sk8boyP5519d ago

I don't understand how some people don't include the PC, just so you know, the PC is the largest played gaming platform in the world. So yeah, it should count.

GiantEnemyCrab5519d ago

@1.2: Provide a link to the announcement or stop talking out of your ass.

If you are playing it on PC or 360 you are still playing on a Microsoft platform. I just like to think that you will never play it on a PS3.

ThatCanadianGuy5518d ago

Poor crab :(
PC is it's own console in general.
I could play 360 exclusives without owning a 360.
You cant play PS3 exclusives without owning a PS3.

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