PT can still be re-downloaded, but there's a trick to get it back

With Metal Gear Solid series creator Hideo Kojima now an independent game developer - in partnership with PlayStation for his first game - you might be looking to pull together every last piece of his legacy that you can. Well, if you had a download of PT and since lost it, there’s now a way to complete that collection.

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DarkOcelet2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

This masterpiece must be on every single PS4 console. People who didnt play this are missing out on one excellent horror game.

Spread the word.

**** Konami for not letting us enjoy this masterpiece and for cancelling Silent Hills. Enjoy your Pachinkos idiots.

Lev19032655d ago

I didnt get it. I bought a PS4 a week ago. Can i play this game or not?

guitarded772655d ago

No, this is just for people who originally downloaded so they can redownload from their PSN library.

G20WLY2655d ago

Yes, you can play it, but you'll have to SharePlay it via someone else's PS4.

At this stage, though, you can no longer own it for yourself if you didn't already have it.

Halo2ODST22655d ago

I've never seen such arrogance in my life.

2655d ago
Odoylerules0002655d ago

Someone takes themselves way too seriously...

AizenSosuke2656d ago

Nice you can still redownload P.T spread the word perserve this amazing game!

BecauseImBatman2656d ago

I still have. Not deleting it of my hard drive...

LOL_WUT2656d ago

I updated my hard drive, and I unfortunately lost it during the process. Not sure if I should go through with this just for a demo which could possibly put my hardware at risk ;)

nitrogav2655d ago

Same here, not deleting it off my drive!!.

Xavior_Reigns2655d ago

I bought a new PS4 just to preserve it. Ridiculus? Probably so but a new PS4 with 2TB hdd is good.

The_Devil_Hunter2655d ago

You and I both, my wife almost killed my excuse was that I really wanted that silver Batman console. It was definitely worth it though.

rainslacker2654d ago

So I'm curious. Since I"m upgrading my hard drive next month, can I just keep the old drive with PT on it, and switch it out if I decide to play it one day...assuming it's the same system of course?

If so, I'm cool with that. I have no need of a 500GB drive elsewhere, and I can pack it up in a nice box I can make(I'm quite the fine woodworker) for my collection.:)

InFAMOUS12654d ago

I don't believe so. It is the same as PS3, in that, any hdd inserted, regardless if it's been in the system before will be wiped on bootup. Reason being; jailbreaking.

rainslacker2654d ago

I assume you mean it's reformatted if you insert another hard drive and initialize it, then reinsert the old one? I've taken the hard drive out of both the PS4 and PS3 and put it back in with no issue.

I've never tried to reinsert my 60GB drive into the PS3 after upgrading it.

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Captain_Wormy2656d ago

It's stuck at 1% for me. I need this before Konami gets wind of this 😟

smashman982656d ago

A little off topic but has anyone seen kojimas beard, my dude is looking fresh

DarkOcelet2656d ago

The man looks like 25. Those Nanomachines are doing their job very well.

smashman982656d ago

I know right I mean I'm 24 and I look like I'm 39 lol

Captain_Wormy2656d ago

Vocal Cord Parasites. 😉

Concertoine2656d ago

He must do what i do - push-ups during his cutscenes

Odoylerules0002655d ago

Kojima 10/10 would bang if gay.

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The story is too old to be commented.