Short Pause Podcast #52: FFVII Remake Controversy; What Does The November NPD Mean For Tomb Raider?

Short Pause: "The whole crew is reunited once again to talk the latest and greatest in the world of gaming. The topics this week include:

- NX Rumors - A Nintendo patent sprung up this week detailing a new controller with a screen that wraps around its buttons. It also has its own processor, memory, and chipset to allow play when not tethered to a console. Is this our biggest clue yet as to what the NX controller, as well as its rumored console/handheld hybrid design, might entail?

- November NPD Results - PS4 is the top piece of hardware, while Call of Duty: Black Ops III easily outsells its software competition during gaming's biggest sales month. With Rise of the Tomb Raider unable to crack a top ten that included a game in Just Dance 2016 that sold best on Nintendo's last-gen Wii, what does this mean for the future of Crystal Dynamics' critically acclaimed series?

- And much, much more!

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Herbalistic2343d ago

The sales numbers for TR means SE placed a bet on the wrong horse.

HaveSumNuts2343d ago

I guess we should be getting the PS4 version sooner than we expected.

TheDude792343d ago

I honestly don't think the NPD is bad for the Tomb Raider franchise itself, but you have to wonder how much Microsoft offered Square Enix back before anyone knew the type of success the PS4 have. I'm sure Microsoft wasn't cheap in terms of what they offered, but I'm sure Square probably would've had a slightly higher number in mind had they known they'd be neglecting 30m+ PS4 owners at the time of launch. That being said, there's no disputing that the Tomb Raider franchise, especially of late, is synonymous with high quality productions. Critics have lauded both the reboot and it's sequel, so it's only a matter of time until the Rise of the Tomb Raiders sales back up the critical praise. Once it hits PC's soon and PS4 later next year - even though Uncharted 4 will sell much better - I think Square will be happy with how it performed.

tazmeah2343d ago

Considering how massive the FFVII remake will be - they've said there will be areas to explore that weren't previously accessible in the original - I don't mind the multi-part approach, as long as it's not broken up into several parts. If it means we can have the game sooner as opposed to waiting until the full game is ready, I don't seem the harm in it. I do wonder just how big this game will be once it's fully downloaded on to our systems, might need to upgrade my 1TB HDD before this sucker arrives!