Lucasarts Totally Pissed Over Wii MotionPlus

When Nintendo announced MotionPlus for the Wii, who knew about it? Nintendo did. And that's it. They didn't tell a soul. Not even their beloved third-party publishing and development partners, who were understandably a little upset.

AStupidXbot5818d ago

Just delay the wii version. Problem solved.

Zerodin5818d ago

Oh you mean the sole console version?
That's it, you're too stupid NOT to be on my ignore list.
And twice as stupid to be allowed to live.

nieto5818d ago

look who's talking. the guy that gets owned in every thread. LOL ;-)

zerodin please never leave n4g you really make me laugh. ;-D

Killjoy30005818d ago (Edited 5818d ago )

Jeez, Zerodin, WTF is your problem? Clearly, anyone wishing the end of somebody's life over the internet has no positive insight in to their own. But, I'm not going to so hastily pass my judgement on you personally, because I don't know you in real life. See what I did there?

TheAveragePs3User5818d ago

jst delay teh ps3 vrisione of home or teh ps3 versinoe of killzones 2!

LPB FTWZ!!!!!11111!!!!!!1!!

N00BZSUCKASS5818d ago


syanara5818d ago

wii just seperated the wii gaming community with motion plus

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metalhead5818d ago

Yay Nintendo, you really know how to screw up your marketing

Prismo_Fillusion5818d ago

You do realize how much they made over the last 2 years with their "screwed up marketing", right?

Mao5818d ago (Edited 5818d ago )

They've made a lot of cash the past two years. But as a Wii owner, I can tell you they really don't deserve it when it comes to actual gaming delivery. I barely play my Wii. Hopefully they can start dishing out some more AAA exclusives like Mario and Zelda in the near future instead of going back to the Animal Crossing card again next year. Fall 2008 isn't going to see a whole lot of Wii gaming from your's truly.

Also, I can understand LucasArt's anger in this situation. Poor communication will cost Nintendo third party support if they're not careful.

metalhead5818d ago

You see heres why most ppl bought the Wii. Lets say your child got into video games and your a parent who doesnt know much about them. Your child wants a new video game system and they see this PS3-$400 Xbox360-$350, and Wii-$250. They go OMG only $250 because they dont know about the advanced tech in the other systems and pick that one up. Trust me this will end though as this console generation goes by, theres goin to be such a big difference in terms of visual quality and tech that the Wii wont be able to keep up. Ive seen this happen before and it will most likely happen again

kinggeoff5818d ago (Edited 5818d ago )

don't play your wii much, it's nintendo that screwed up?

Ever think that the Wii just wasnt for you in the first place?

Not everyone cares about the "OMGZ NEXTZ0rz GEN TECH#!@#!" factor as you guys seem to. Yes the Wii's graphics will continue to look more and more dated as the other 2 consoles keep on the cutting edge. So what though? What classifies as a game that "looks bad enough to steer clear of" to you, is most likely right up someone else's alley.

The world's a big place. Lots of people out there. Believe it or not, you do NOT represent the majority

LJWooly5818d ago

That's right; they don't play their Wii because nothing it has to offer appeals to them, therefore they must be children. Good grief.

Mao5818d ago

To designate us children seeing as though we don't play our Wiis, a console targetted at a younger audience. That thinking makes perfect sense to me.

Kaneda5818d ago

They tried to be like Apple.. works on new products under secrecy.. but the only thing different between Nintendo and Apple is.. Apple releases better products..

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nieto5818d ago

that's what you get when you work with nintendo. they only care about therself and that is why they don't have the third party support the the X360, a new console and the PS3 has.

El_Colombiano5818d ago

LMAO, wow Nintendo really doesn't support its third party devs!

Product5818d ago

Where is the quote of someone saying this?

Intrepid5818d ago

Yeah, where's the quote? And how did Ubisoft know about it? They're using it in Red Steel 2.

ChickeyCantor5818d ago

Ubisoft like many other developers had a bit of head up before the e3 announcement( one at ubi said that they knew it already before the announcement but how long they knew it was not known).
Redsteel was already in developement according to that guy and now they want to use M+.

But..It's weird....after so much time UBI did not show anything of redsteel 2.

inStereo5818d ago

If you're going to claim in your article that a developer is "totally pissed off," you may want to site some sort of source supporting the claim. Ummm... I think that's called "journalism."