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Tin Salamunic: The Tales series has seen its share of ups and downs over the years, but by the fifteenth entry, one would expect a certain amount of innovation from what has been an otherwise unchanged franchise since 1995. To be fair, the Tales games have always been fundamentally strong and their charming art style and dynamic combat-system has unquestionably attracted the now nearly-extinct JRPG crowd. I’ve been a Tales fan since Tales of Phantasia ported to the original Playstation in 1998, and while I haven’t played each consecutive sequel, I’ve kept up with most releases during the Playstation 3 era.

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Beloved Tales Of Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata Has Passed Away

Today it was announced that the gaming and anime industry has lost another beloved artist and creator. Mutsumi Inomata has passed away.

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banger8888d ago

The Tales Of series are some of the best RPGs I've ever played, and the characters are a big reason for that. I don't think I played a single game in the series that I didn't enjoy. Rest in peace.

Snookies1287d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Damn, that sucks to hear... His designs were always wonderful.

H987d ago

RIP, sheade some great designs, man it's one after the other this year

FinalFantasyFanatic86d ago

We're 3 months into the year and I feel like we're taking nothing but L's.

autobotdan87d ago

Wow she was the character designer for Tales of Destiny one of my favorites of all time =(

scorpio_204987d ago

I love the Tales games. Phantasia will always be my favorite. Ironically I felt like as the series progressed the character design became too “anime cliche.”

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PlayStation Store Games Under $15 Sale: Over 400 Games Under $15

Daily Video Game writes: "PlayStation Store has just launched another new digital game sale that has over 400 games under $15, including many AAA games titled "Games Under $15 Sale" for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 gamers right now!"

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anast736d ago (Edited 736d ago )

Dragon's Dogma and XCOM 2 are the best deals. The rest of the games are still overpriced. I would say 8.99 is good for AC: Origins, but you need to put $10 more into MTs to avoid the grind that slows down the story. So, the game is actually 18.99.

It's not on this list, but Pathfinder: Kingmaker is only $9.99. This is a deal if you have a current gen. consoles, as it runs poorly on prev. gen.

hangdang736d ago

I beat AC origins without grinding or spending any money on MTX?

anast735d ago

I had to grind for side missions. So, did many other people.

HeliosHex736d ago

Has anyone been able to login in to the ps store on ps5 I haven't been able to in days and my network is good.

RedDevils735d ago

Reset or shutdown your PS5. I always can go login to PS5, in fact just a moment ago.

HeliosHex735d ago

Hey thanks again. Although the shutdown/reset didn't work i found that resetting the mdm and hub did the trick. I use a Lan network instead of wifi. In case anyone has a similar setup and problem.