10 JRPGS that are Better than their Metascore

Game Rant - "From Star Ocean to Final Fantasy, there have been a number of JRPG's that have been unfairly undervalued by their Metascores. Here are 10 examples."

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Rangerman1208504d ago (Edited 504d ago )

While I agree that the combat in Star Ocean 5's combat is pretty fun, saying that its story is more enjoyable than its predecessors is highly debatable. Also, it's not just the technical issues the game suffers from.

Gaming4Life1981503d ago

Star Ocean 5 was garbage and I was a huge star ocean fan.

Docmortem504d ago

Completely disagree the games I played from the list all deserve their scores (Star Ocean, Nier, Tales of Zesteria, Type-0). While there are certainly people that love these games, they have flaws in many categories, that justify those scores.
Star Ocean especially bored the hell out of me. Lame story and face roll battle system (I finished the game anyway). These games are really niche and when rated by a broader public, fall short. In my opinion even in their own genre.

solideagle504d ago

I personally have not played any game below 80 and thought wow this should have been 80-90 game. The only game I thought should have been 90 was Shadow Hearts II: Covenant. I am pretty sure there will be some games but average score usually is pretty good indication.

do you recommend any JRPG which you think were good/amazing but it didn't score well? I just purchased Tokyo xanadu but it seems way too slow like trails game but trail at least has good story. I will give it a shot

504d ago
rainslacker503d ago

I think there were quite a few JRPG games that got hit with lower meta scores last gen when all these reviewers were on their anti-anime tropes kick. Not that they should get up there into the high 80s or 90s, but they weren't 60-70 games either.

That's mostly died off this gen, thankfully

WickedLester504d ago

Ni No Kuni 2 is way better than it's metascore.

solideagle504d ago

I think Ni No Kuni 2 combat is pretty generic but if you add all DLCs then its combat is pretty awesome. I purchased the complete edition so I can say DLC changes the combat completely

FinalAeonX503d ago

Ni no Kuni 1 is way better than its metascore

Father__Merrin504d ago

meta scores are rubbish best ignore them. many gems out there

solideagle504d ago (Edited 504d ago )

can you please name few?

Kocurstvo503d ago (Edited 503d ago )

Useless to argument troll, but e.g. Eat Lead is hilarious and extremely funny, yet mediocre on metastupids.... Lords of the Fallen, Strange brigade... I could name hundreds

503d ago
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