Sony boss on PlayStation 4: its success is good for the whole games industry

Andrew House talks PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR and PlayStation Now, and even praises his counterpart at Microsoft

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DarkOcelet3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Sony right now is on a roll and Kojima working on a new IP for the PS4 game is just mindblowing.

Honestly, this gen is looking really damn good. It is official, PS4 is the new PS2 and chances are it will be much much better.

DARKKENT3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Imo ps2 had a better first two years gaming wise.. First year was ok but the second year on ps2 was fire

Ps4 has followed ps2 sales wise but imo not gaming wise.. Ps3 had a better second year also.. Heck even in the first year resistance fall of man was and is still one of the best shooters ever made that still stands up today.

So far this gen sony have been far too concerned with 3rd party and their updates have not been mind blowing.. Alot of features on my ps3 still eclipse what the ps4 can do..

Only game that gave me that feeling of the sony of yesteryear was until dawn.. Innovative different and just what you would expect from a sony console.. Uniqueness

Saying that... I have a feeling 2016 will be the year ps4 comes into its own with the games and sony deliver the updates we want and I'll feel alot better about my purchase..

I maybe abit negative bit I'm a realist and a sony fan soo gotta be honest.. That's just my opinion

DarkOcelet3138d ago

Here is the thing, it seems are just comparing exclusives, that is something i am not doing. I am talking about the overall games from every publisher, not just Sony.

And secondly, i specifially said, chances are PS4 will be much better than PS2 and 2016 looks freaking insane for the PS4. I mean, The Last Guardian, Uncharted 4, Persona V, Star Ocean V, FFXV, Horizon Zero Dawn, Street Fighter V, No Man's Sky, Rime, Wild, Shadow Of the Beast, The Tomorrow Children, Mirror's Edge, Mass Effect Andromeda, World Of Final Fantasy, Far Cry Primal, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Hitman, Homefront The Revolution, The Division etc etc etc.

2016 is gonna be insane.

Crimzon3138d ago

I agree with DARKKENT, even the PS3 which was unfairly bashed for supposedly having no games had a much superior exclusive offering compared to the PS4 at this point in its life, not just in terms of quantity but also quality as well. Besides, even Sony themselves have admitted that their lineup hasn't been particularly great so far and it's tough to look at the multiplatform offerings when we've just seen a lot of the same old rubbish (Call of Duty, Assassins Creed) flooding the market.

On the plus side, Bloodborne was a phenomenal game and is easily in my top three games of all-time, and 2016 has some decent games coming with Uncharted 4, Dark Souls 3, Dishonored 2 and Deus Ex: Mankind Dividided all scheduled to drop throughout the year. Things are picking up slowly, but it feels like it's been taking far too long for this console generation to hit its stride.

WelkinCole3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Here is the thing.

1. Games were easier and cost less (money, time) to make 1 or 2 gens ago compare to now.PD for example was able to release GT3 on the PS2 early compare to GT5 in ps3 or GT7 on ps4. It just takes more time now to dev games.

2. Sony prolonged support for the ps3 content wise also impacted dev offerings on the ps4 early. For example they could have easily switch TLOU, No Kuni, Dragon crown and beyond 2 souls to PS4 as launch games with others.

3. PS2 and PS3 had immense support from devs because of the success of the Ps1 and ps2 respectively as such the games on both PS2 and PS3 early were quite good.

There are exceptions like ND but even they had to delay U4.

Sony as usual never rush their devs as they give them more time and creative freedom. Heck look at TLG for example.

I remember last gen the PS3 was labeled the delaystation because Sony announced their games early but had ti delay a lot of them. I think they learned something from that.

The results speak for themselves though at least first party. Quality.

Its the same thing this gen. I trust Shu and co are deving excellent experiences and will deliver them when they are ready.

Sony devs have proven themselves enough time already that they dont need to prove themselves to anyone.

In the meantime time there are multplat games that are also excellent games that Sony has been able to get better content becuse of the lead position they have now for the PS4 contrast to the PS3. It helps hold me over until the Sony big guns drop when they are ready to drop.

WellyUK3138d ago

I agree with you, it's not just the PS4 thats been lackluster in terms of it's games it's both xbox and PS4. Hopefully we can stop getting Disappointing games and start getting games that live up to the potential that they have and can be. 2016 is however looking good.

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NewAgeisHere3138d ago

Definetly a huge PR win for Sony to partner up with Kojima, this news alone will move a few consoles no doubt.
It's also clear that Sony have become experts in analyzing what gamers want and what gamers are talking about - they've got some really taleneted people in PR/Marketing.

P.S. To counter this bombshell Microsoft announed an impressive new statistic: Use of grenades in Halo 5 has risen by 10%:):)

Sorry couldn't help it, wasn't trying to be mean.

DarkOcelet3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Sony better make a sweet bundle for his game with an awesome looking PS4 like the MGSV one AND release it outside of Japan.

DLConspiracy3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

I was with you all the way up till you went off topic and turned it into something it didn't need to be.

Edit: To be clear. Halo has nothing to do with a counter of any sort. It's a game and it gets talked about. That's it.

kenwonobi3138d ago

It was when PS2 and it is now. Ps4 is very diverse so that means it's great for all types of developers. I think the whole gaming ecosystem benefits from a Sony led generation.


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Garethvk119d ago

I can finally play Half Life Alyx.

mariopasta119d ago

I can finally watch pron, I mean watch pronouns be pronounced in PC VR games that were previously not available on Playstation.

crazyCoconuts119d ago

be careful not to sprain your... tongue pronouncing those pronouns

Profchaos119d ago

I'm excited for that to plus I can try fallout 4 VR always wanted to play that

crazyCoconuts119d ago

I was lucky and held off on 4 until I played it in VR. It really is pretty awesome - you'll love it.

DaReapa119d ago

The icing on the cake would be if Sony / Valve allow for a Steam Link app much like it is for the Quest 3. Likely wishful thinking, though.