Game Informer: NFL Head Coach 09 Review

As improved as this game is from the clunky last version, Head Coach 09 remains a game in search of a reason for being. While it lets you get your hands dirty with the ins-and-outs of being a coach, it also frustrates the player with its numerous missed opportunities, taking away control at crucial moments, and failing to inspire excitement.

CONCEPT: Put you in the NFL hot seat and watch some of your best-laid plans go to waste

GRAPHICS: Lots of coach close-ups and zoomed-in viewing options are available, but it's pretty standard fare

SOUND: The audio snippets from your coordinators unfortunately don't help much

PLAYABILITY: The action queue and revolving clipboard put all the info you need easily at your fingertips

ENTERTAINMENT: As much better than the last Head Coach as this title is, the game doesn't deliver satisfaction equal to the energy you invest

REPLAY: Moderately High

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