The Bitbag Review: Spectral Force 3

The Bitbag writes: "Take a few steps, choose what action you want to activate, and then proceed to do the same thing over and over again with the rest of your squad. Sounds familiar? Well it should, since this game follows the same basic prinicples of any turn-based strategy game (i.e. Disgaea, FF Tactics, Front Mission). We've all been through this before so many times, but this game brings something else to the table. Want to find out what? Read on!

Spectral Force 3, as obviously shown on the front cover, is a JRPG with the function of a turn-based strategy game for the XBOX 360. Which is quite rare for this system, and needs it too. The opening sequence is a fully animated (and very well done) cut-scene, and it doesn't stop there either! Through out the game, you'll hear voice acting from the main characters, monsters, and special effects/action sequences. The voice acting isn't terrible at all, in fact it fits just fine with the type of characters introduced in the game. Even the sound effects of magic being cast and swords clashing is impressive."

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