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Gareth writes "I’m in space…again. Don’t get me wrong, space is a wonderful place with many mysteries, wonders and aliens. But this year I have reviewed so many spaceship games it feels pretty normal to be back in a ship, blasting my way around. It’s like I’m commuting. I even started to take a book with me on those long space journeys between worlds. So how does Starpoint Gemini 2 tackle space in a way different from the other contenders? Does it innovate and bring in a new audience to the space sim market?"

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oKidUKo2111d ago

If I get inclined to venture into space then I'll most likely go with Elite Dangerous after reading up on SG2 and not seeing any reason to choose it over ED.

zzokalj2109d ago

Elite: Dangerous and SPG2 are two totally different games. Both offer different experiences and are a different genre. One is a tactical combat sim with RPG elements where you command capital ships, the other is first person cockpit view, dogfighting flight simulator.

They cannot be compared, it just comes down to what type of the game you want to play. Elite is not better then SPG2, it's different. ;)