Nintendo Not Planning a Booth for GDC 2016

Nintendo does not appear to be planning a big presence at next year's GDC, which comes as a surprise to anyone expecting the NX to launch in 2016.

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AizenSosuke1668d ago

So Nintendo direct on GDC dedicated to NX?

I'm hyped! by the way it's an question!

3-4-51668d ago

* They will be having a special Direct for NX.

They want to show all of that or as much of it off as possible at E3, to make a larger impact.

Digital_Anomaly1668d ago

No booth at all? That would be VERY surprising.

Kalebninja1668d ago

They'll either announce the NX at their own event or wait until E3.

sk8ofmnd1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Im hoping they just troll us and have a huge unveiling... I guess thats wishful thinking atp. E3 does seem like the best venu with a set date of june 14-16. I just cant see them showcasing it then less than 6 months later do a world wide release, unless the nx is further near completion then we know! O_o

AKR1668d ago

The only reason the idea of the NX releasing came about is because so many gamers in the community and a good chunk of the media have been *assuming* that's the case. Nintendo hasn't even formally revealed the console yet, and they've never done a proper reveal with a release in the same year.

sk8ofmnd1668d ago

Didnt nintendo themselves state they plan to have over 20 mil nx's in peoples homes by the end of 2016???

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1668d ago

They never stated such thing.

Only thing they stated is having

over 200 million MyNintendo accounts.

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