Tales of Berseria: Trailer #2 (English Subbed)

The second trailer for Tales of Berseria is here, and we've got a great look at our main protagonist, Velvet!

Velvet seems to live in a world where demon's and sin play a major role. Her arm is able to transform into some sort of beast arm, and she uses a short blade and quick movements (along with a few elements) to assault her enemies.

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DarkOcelet2111d ago

It looks great, i hope they leave the Jap dub in the English version.

Austin482111d ago

I hope they do what they did with zestirias where they included jap dub and English dub I prefer English dub.

Austin482111d ago

Can't wait!!! Please come west

antikbaka2111d ago

everything but two characters from the trailet looks a ps3 port

Rodney252111d ago

I just finished Zesteria, wasn't better than Xillia which is my favorite but I still dug it. I can't wait for this one, it'll be badass I bet and I hope they have a likable cast like Xillia and Zesteria which the latter really caught me by surprise by how much I liked Sorey, oh and can we forget or loli queen Edna! :P

MegaRay2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Tales of Zestiria cast is so amazing and memorable. I cant believe some reviewers gave the gave low scores for "not likeable characters" when infact, tales of Zestiria have the strongest cast in any JRPGs I played.

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