Which of this week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold bargains should you pick up? – 15th Dec 2015

Neil writes "In the run up to Christmas, we have, yet again been treated to a bit of a dodgy Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale. The vast majority of discounts in place between the 15th-21st Dec 2015 aren’t particularly tempting, but that said, we reckon you should be keeping an eye on the following…for both the right and wrong reasons!"

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oKidUKo1132d ago

Picked up the Goosebumps game which never got much fanfare but for nostalgia I think it's worth risking it.

LordMaim1132d ago

Jesus, that takes me back.

neil3631132d ago

I'm pretty tempted by that one too. Never played it. Worth the few quid?

cfc831132d ago

I'm afraid Battlefront really needs to be at least 900p before i'd even pay the discount price.

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Sensiblesteve1132d ago

Shame you have such high standards- you must miss out on so much in life

Kojjikaneshiro1132d ago

Battlefront is an incredibly fun game,sad if you're standards are so high that you'd miss out on such a fun exoerience.At a discount price it's worth it.

elarcadia1132d ago

Personally, I'll wait for the GOTY edition to play Battlefront. A pretty lame week for deals, hopefully there will be some good ones next week!