New Tekken 7 Screenshots Show Improved Graphics; PS4 and Xbox One Will Get the Latest Version

The reveal of Tekken 7‘s expansion Fated Retribution caused quite a stir, especially due to the inclusion of Akuma from Street Fighter, but there’s much more to it, including improved graphics and costumes. Bandai Namco releaseed a batch of screenshots to show how good the game will look, while Katsuhiro Harada gave more info as well.

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Wallstreet373108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I love Tekken and from what i have seen the upgrades are very noticeable. Looks really good and Akuma looks dope in Tekken.

Kingthrash3603107d ago

As soon as I saw Akuma I thought... maybe, just maybe tekkenxstreetfighter might still exist.
Man I hope the bring it still.
But if not I'm extremely happy to see t7 coming along really well. Tekken is in my top 5....day 1.

demonJAKAL3107d ago

This is probably a tester for SF characters

bladesofagony3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I was never ever emotionally attached to SF series but I am pleased with what they have done to tekken in upgraded regards to visuals and character costumes, m super hyped :)

zen_hydra3106d ago

I guess we finally know who taught Jinpachi to throw those annoying-ass fireballs.

Athlon3108d ago

Thank you! I'm glad to see the graphics have improved. That's more like it. Almost looks like completely different game graphics-wise for the better.

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blackblades3108d ago

Can't wait for a soul calibur game.