Fable Legends open beta coming Spring 2016, "bigger than expected"

Fable Legends was one of the games Microsoft revealed back at E3 2014, and since then, precious little had been heard about the game. Now, developer Lionhead has announced that the open beta will be hitting this coming Spring 2016, and that the game has become "bigger than expected".

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Hold_It2144d ago

Isn't Fable Legends a MOBA?

riverstars862144d ago

I honestly wouldn't be able to tell you much about the game. I'll give it a try since it's free, but I'm happy that the developer isn't rushing out an unfinished product.

AngelicIceDiamond2144d ago

@River yes, yes. I was afraid for this game actually wasn't gonna be that good if it released this year. The feedback must of been serious since they are delaying it and improving on allot.

BallsEye2144d ago

Been playing it for many many months. I was one of the first 100 to be playing closed beta. The game is really something different. As a hero (you can select a hero like in moba game, they're all unique, but you level up, customize etc like in any other RPG) In the town, you can accept missions and team up with other 3 players (atm only players, no companion AI in beta I've played). You always have a team of 4 and while you do your mission, Villain (another player) do everything he can to stop you. Think of villain as a Game Master in good old board RPG. As Villain you have an overhead view and can you prepare traps, place different kinds of monsters/units, command them in real time, and interact with the environment to try to separate and trick the hero team players. Levels remind me a bit more limited "regions" from other fable games. There are not many ways to go, but enough to keep the game intense.
There is nothing like this on the market ATM and I'm sure it will find its audience. Fable theme is brilliant. Game looks beautiful (global illumination!). With all that being said...I still wish they would make a normal story driven fable game with 2 player co-op.

Wallstreet372144d ago

Sounds interesting, thank you for the information. Fable has been on the decline so i hope this pans out to be good. I remember talks of it being f2p i think so i dont have my hopes high (maybe im wrong). Yeah no normal story driven approach is a turn off to me but ill keep an open mind.

Thanks again.

BallsEye2144d ago


You're welcome. Yep, it's gonna be free to play and cross play with win10 PC.

elarcadia2144d ago

BallsEye, as a fellow close beta recipient (since early summer) I do have to say this is a very unique game. When I first started playing, I had a lot of hesitations. However, watching the game grow and change has been a great experience. It is truly shaping up to be something completely unique, original, and fun.

OpieWinston2144d ago

Fable Legends is a Dungeon Crawler. The PvP component is like "Dungeonland".

ScorpiusX2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Cool look forward to trying it

ShowanW2144d ago

if i were microsoft, id try to pump as much into this game as possible,and release it the day of or day after e3'2016 (when there are unsually NO other blockbuster games released in this time frame)

fable legends can basically have june-mid august all to itself (if the game is any good), before the AAA's starting rolling in again.

fable legends may get lost in the shuffle with the aaa games sony and microsoft are releasing this spring and fall.

the summer may be the best possible scenario

OpieWinston2144d ago

I have a feeling that it'd hit in End of Spring. August is probably being saved for other games like Sea of Thieves or ReCore, like last year with Gears UE/Rare Replay that both sold well despite being an August release.

The thing about F2P games is it doesn't matter when they launch it aslong as it's by itself. People got not much to play and turn to a download and the attach rate is determined.

elarcadia2144d ago guys do realize this is a free to play/micro-transaction game right? It isn't even getting a physical version. It is download only.

ShowanW2144d ago

i realize this. but this f2p game is also suppose to be showing off some of microsoft's other not so in your face features such as dx12, and w10/xbox cross play.

but if you release it when uncharted, scalebound, quantum break and a few other titles are going to be released, your gonna doom the game before it begins.

the game can actually be good but no one will care when they are playing the AAA game of choice.

sinspirit2144d ago


How many time does everyone have to clarify? DX12 is an extremely small fraction of a difference on the console. DX12 is literally what XBox One already has except applied to PC. The only benefit for the console it has is allowing porting of PC games to XBox One and vice versa much easier.

elarcadia2144d ago

Aww the closed beta finally comes to an end. It has been an awesome 6 months watching this game grow!

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