Where Is Fable Legends? Microsoft Isn’t Saying Quite Yet

Fable Legends was scheduled to be part of Microsoft’s big fall lineup. But it’s December now, and the game isn’t out - GameInformer

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Fatdrinkofwater2911d ago

Its not far off i think. The beta just hit the point where they are no longer wiping your progression so everything you do now will transfer into the final release.

Its graphics are great btw 1080p dx12 and the particles and lighting are very nice

Alexious2911d ago

Frame rate is terrible, though.

Genuine-User2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

Do you know if the screen tearing is still present?

81BX2910d ago

??? Never had that issue

mark_parch2909d ago

frame rate isn't terrible could be better though

Mega242910d ago

Frame-Rate and FOV is super horrible. I can't play the Beta for longer than an hour before I start to get sick. Frame Rate is all over the place, from 15~80 fps, drops happening at random. Like being in Brightlodge and kicking a chicken suddenly drops my fps from 60 to 5.

Volkama2910d ago

Fable legends and the Gears remaster have gone radio silent. I don't think Dx12 is quite ready for prime time.

Whatever is going on, they will probably solve early 2016. Hopefully.

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ScaReCrow902910d ago

Hope it's a good game. I still remember the first fable being so amazing.

Hope they work on a normal installment afterwards.

I hope they fix the frame rate if that's truly a problem. I'd rather play this game with a controller but if the framrate sucks then ill go pc....but if I want to do that I gotta buy Windows 10. Ugh decisions.

VJGenova2910d ago

Fable wasn't my favorite series. Seemed too basic/childish despite having adult themes. Since this is free to play, i will likely gove it a shot. My brother got a copy of fable 3 when he got a 360, which my dad have to me as my brother was 8 at the time. Still in its plastic ...

Btw, windows 10 is a free upgrade if you own win7 or win8. Without dx12 games, i haven't felt the need to upgrade just yet. Also, you can use xbox 360 controllers on pc with a cheap adapter.

Mega242910d ago

Wired controllers do not require any adapters.

ScaReCrow902910d ago

Yea it's free upgrade if you have a nonpirated version hahaha

ninsigma2910d ago

No, you can still upgrade even if you're on a pirate windows now. Difference between you and everyone else is that your license will still say that it's not genuine.

VJGenova2910d ago

Where is Gears of War for PC too? Duh fuq Microsoft!

candystop2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

I personally didn't like the beta but being free to play is a plus. Surely it will be out soon buy I'm hoping they are doing many revamps.

YinYangGaming2910d ago

Beta has been a blast so far, definitely better than what they've been showing so far. Hopefully full release shouldn't be too far away