Please Put an Overworld Map in Final Fantasy VII Remake…Please?

Hardcore Gamer: This week finds the gaming world in various stages of unrest. Outraged voices, calming personas, fence sitters, speculators and opinionists are flooding the forums, websites and social media to express a multitude of emotions and thoughts. One of the main culprits of this unrest is Final Fantasy VII Remake. A new trailer was released at PSX this week, causing varying amounts of uproar and/or excitement.

With the direct implications of that announcement worth a discussion, I wanted to express my thoughts on something specific that is definitely impacted by it, along with various elements of the trailer. That is Final Fantasy VII’s overworld.

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ninsigma2114d ago

Considering it was never stated there wouldn't be an over world, why bring it up and stir the pot??

breakpad2114d ago

if they dont include some form of free roaming/explorable world mad wont be an FF VII ...they did it in Crisis Core (but they were justified there, it felt like a half game and very restricted overall

ninsigma2114d ago

I agree that it should be there due to ff7 not being a linear game (at least when it leaves Midgar it isn't linear). Not going to speculate or negatively assume on things never alluded to by the devs though. There's enough of that going around without me adding to the fire.

miyamoto2114d ago

There is so many possibilities when it comes to enemy encounters in an open world design and setting.

FFVII R team said they are aiming to balance the game's fantasy and realism.

The original game was presented that way because of hardware and software limitations.

Now with the power of PS4 they are gonna "Limit Break" those limitations to keep up with the times and the gamers.

So excited for this game!

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Mikeyy2114d ago

I'm getting sick of being told my entire RPG childhood is because of "Hardware limitations".

We are talking about STAPLE gameplay functionality that defined the genre.

miyamoto2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

"The enemy of art is the absence of limitations." ~ Orson Wells

FFVII is all about "Limit Breaks"

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DiscoKid2114d ago

Pretty sure it will just be open world like FF15?

ninsigma2114d ago

That's what I think as well. Wish we had more info!

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franwex2114d ago

Like having giant characters the size of towns over world? Well...I'm sure purists will complain if they didn't include that anyway...

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Ferrethat222114d ago

Overworld ls are obsolete game designs especially on console.

Pintheshadows2114d ago

Ni No Kuni disproves that assertion. It works beautifully.

ShinMaster2114d ago

Ni No Kuni is a much more cartoony and light hearted game.

Look at FF7 Remake's visual style and presentation overall.
It would be goofy.

Bahamut2114d ago

I absolutely loved Ni No Kuni. Can't wait for #2.

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Bahamut2114d ago

Not happening. Why would they? If there isn't random encounters or classic RPG battles, what would the point be? The game's already going to be something completely different.

It's already so vastly different that they might as well have made it a first person shooter from Barret's point of view. This game will not be Final Fantasy VII. It might tell a similar story, and include the same characters, but those will be the only similarities.

Sadly, this isn't the remake most of us have been asking for.

Eiyuuou2114d ago

Random encounters are possible though. Type-0 had it.

Nonetheless, I don't think the game'll have it though.

ninsigma2114d ago

With the combat implementation the way it is it probably won't be random encounters. Though I'm fairness the only fight scenes we saw were scripted areas that are part of the story rather than random battles so really we don't have a clue lol

_-EDMIX-_2114d ago

"Sadly, this isn't the remake most of us have been asking for"

You don't speak for "most of us" and you actually don't know what "most of us" are saying regarding this remake.

Millions bought and played FFVII across several platforms.

"If there isn't random encounters or classic RPG battles" ? I don't know where you heard any of that.

They never stated anything about if random battles are in the game or not, mind you many RPGs have had random battles while still having the enemies on screen before the battle, sorta like a random, optional encounter like in Xenosaga series.

Also the game is still an RPG, waiting a turn and not moving doesn't define an RPG, I don't know what you mean in this regard bud. its been confirmed the action you do doesn't need any technical skills at all. Its not DMC, moving, jumping and overall doing physical attacks didn't suddenly make it not an RPG as I've never heard of a RPG defined by the absence of those things.

Again....confirmed by the producer and DIRECTOR, you still use magic, materia etc, the action attacks take NO SKILL and it wasn't made for that purpose, you still need to do strategies etc.

I think you've jumped the gun a bit assuming it suddenly a different genre. FFVII and RPGs in general are more then stopping and waiting a turn while watching a set of animations.

Bahamut2114d ago

Yeah, we'll see about all that. Hopefully you're right, I'd love to see it made the right way. But so far, it's not looking so great.

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_-EDMIX-_2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

@Bahamut- what "right way"? That is a matter of perception and you didn't make the original FFVII, the people who did are making it clear what they want the remake to actually be. I'm pretty sure they have a better understanding of that then you, its their project, not yours.

@Smear- "Even IF he doesn't speak for "most" of us, he DOES speak for the true fans"

Subjective bud, people who have played the original are still actually behind a remake being action RPG, I'm not telling you "most" because its again a subjective matter, we don't have any numbers to say this much don't want this or that.

The reality is, if you played FFVII and you liked it and you also exist as a human.......your a "true" FFVII fan, you exist and you like FFVII lol

I have no clue how suddenly its now defined who are real or fake or anything of the sort. I played the original and I'm ok with those changes based on the team made it clear this is them remaking it the way they would have and wanted to from the start. We already have FFVII 1 way, I'd like to see it done another way.

You may not like that, but as a fan of FFVII too, I respectfully disagree.

A fan of FFVII is merely someone who played it.....and liked it, thus being a fan of it. No true, or fake or more of etc. You played it, liked are a fan. I've seen nothing to say everyone is 100% unanimous that they hate the changes.

MOST fanboys say this about any and every change thus....ignore, mute, don't care.

"It is not an RPG, it is a hack & slash action game with RPG elements"

??? When did RPG get defined by not having "hack and slash"? A RPG is not actually defined by that.

and when it was first announced. They made it clear, its not just a better looking FFVII, go play the remaster if you want that.

" now it isn't an RPG " ? Where are you hearing its not a RPG? So the creators tell you its a RPG, but stand back SmeargieFlint from N4G states its not?

But....I should believe you over the creator of the original game? Um....sure. Skyrim isn't an RPG folks, you have a sword and can swing it. IT seems RPG really means not moving and animations showing your actions vs you actually doing them, we must have gotten it wrong all theses years. /s

You really think that anyone who is a fan of this game will listen to the series extremist? LMFAO! Sure....sure. Classic extremist....1 thing changed = end of the world and or worst game....ever - ComicBookGuyVoice.

ninsigma2114d ago

"Also the game is still an RPG, waiting a turn and not moving doesn't define an RPG"

"RPGs in general are more then stopping and waiting a turn"

THANK YOU! Seriously, thank you. This is what I've been trying to drill into a certain users head. Rpg is not turn based, turn based is an rpg style. It's mind blowing how people can think turn based is the only type of rpg, especially when all you have to do is look up video game genres on wiki and under rpg it will give you so many different types.


What on earth is a true fan?? I played ff7 when I was a kid and loved every aspect of it. It became my favourite game. Yet I'm not a true fan because I'd like a real time rpg instead?? That's pathetic logic right there. Anyone can say someone isn't a true fan of they don't agree with their opinions. You're opinion isn't better or more right than anyone else's. Get over yourself.

Again, it's still an rpg. It's an action rpg (note RPG in the name).

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Bahamut2114d ago


Unfortunately, you and -EDMIX- aren't the majority, I hate to say it. A lot of people on this website are more "casual" than other sites, so there's a lot of people that disagree, but if you search around the internet at various sites and talk to actual fans of the game, you'll see that you're mostly alone with your opinion.

But don't get me wrong, I still plan to play this, because the cutscenes look great, and I'd like to see some scenes recreated in those shiny graphics, but the gameplay could have been so much more.

_-EDMIX-_2114d ago

More then what? The director and the original director stated its NOT ALL ACTION and you didn't even see all of its gameplay and you didn't play it.

But it could have been more of something you never saw in the first place?

No. Sorry bud but it makes no sense. I can't say anyone on here is "casual" I as I have many on here on N4G on my PSN and many of them game daily.

I mean....if your on N4G, your already MORE up to date on games to most so I would never say they fall under "casual".

From RTS games. to SRPG, to WRPG, to JRPGs, I put easily close to 500 or more hours in RPGs a year, its the genre I easily play the most of and I'm tell you...I don't care, I own Bravely Default and getting Bravely Second day 1 and I LOVE turned based RPGS and FFVII wasn't one of them. Its not a great turned based game, in fact it could have not been one and still been fined compared to FFIV, FFV and FFVI.

Your merely upset lots don't care as much as you and your not getting your way. Mind you, we've again yet to even hear more details regarding its game play to jump to such a stupid conclusion.

You saw seconds of fighting and saw enough? lol

Could it not be similar to FFXII and have the option to make it turned based by having the animations auto attack and have magic spells set up?

FFXII had both, you could control them or you could set a series of moves while the game is paused, then unpause and allow for the actions to happen as if in turned based.

How do you know this game doesn't have such a feature? Did the director not state the whole gameplay was not fully action?

"I hate to say it. A lot of people on this website are more "casual" than other sites"

many on this site again I know...I see them on PSN, I see what games they play and they play often.

Almost 60 hours in Witcher 1
70 Hours in Witcher 3
50 hours in Bravely Default
90 Hours in MGSV
30 hours so far in Fallout 4, that isn't even my whole year as I'm leaving out a few games, Witcher 1 and Bravely Default btw I was replaying...again. So consider I'm not disagreeing with you because I'm um...'casual" I'm fine with turned based, I even recently got the PS4 remaster of FFVII, that doesn't mean I agree with FFVII's remake being this better looking version of the exact same game.

I actually don't want that, I want it action based (as a RPG can still be action based, that has NOTHING to do with not being an RPG as that is just stupid beyond words) open world etc. I want to see what the team creates and I'm fine with the change as the original director of the damn game is fine with them.

Its still an RPG. Again...consider I like turned based, that doesn't mean I HATE Witcher 3 or I HATE Fallout etc. That is just stupid. An RPG is NOT defined by that. If they have a vision for it not being turned based, I want to see what it is...FFVII wasn't even that great of a turned based RPG in the first place, not compared to FFIV ,FFV or FFVI. IT was good RPG, but in terms of the importance of rarely had moments where it really relied on that.

Bahamut2113d ago


Dude, chill. I'm not reading all that, I have shit to do.

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