Did Nintendo of America Send Devil's Third Out to Die?

"I don't know about you, but when Nintendo first announced Devil's Third back at E3 2014, I was super excited. After all, Bayonetta 2 was poised to be an excellent new Nintendo exclusive, and I figured that Nintendo would only invest in the best titles when it came to second-party development. Moreover, Tomonobu Itagaki, the director of Devil's Third, had a portfolio of excellently-developed titles in the past. In theory, Devil's Third should have been at least okay, if not very good" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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ApocalypseShadow3144d ago

Yeah. It didn't look all that good. Should have made a spiritual successor to ninja gaiden.maybe a samurai instead.

LaWiiG3144d ago

They just gave the fans what they wanted, even if it was crappy poo poo

LaWiiG3144d ago

Honestly, I think Nintendo deserves to be commended.

wonderfulmonkeyman3144d ago

Outside of the multiplayer, I've heard that the game has very little in redeeming features.
Having microtransactions only made it worse.

If they had solidified the core of the multiplayer to the point where it didn't need microtransactions, refined the gameplay so that the shooting and melee combat had something unique to it, and done some improvements on the storyline of the single player, I think this could have really been an action game to be envious of.

But as it stands, the multiplayer is pretty much the only worthwhile bit to it, and even that suffers from the MT's and a lack of exciting little gimmicks to spice the combat up.
Hell, they could have made it better merely by adding a Perk system ala CoD or something, but there's really nothing like that here...

ApocalypseShadow3144d ago

Lol. Basically what you're saying is if they had made a whole other game,it would be good.

wonderfulmonkeyman3144d ago

Not really a whole other game, but rather refined upon the strengths of this one.
The plot was decent, from what I hear, but the characterization needed work outside of the main dude.
The multiplayer, as well, suffered not just from the MT's, but from having too much emphasis on cash and buying new gear in order to get ahead, rather than earning things through repetition and hard work.

Similarly, while shooting combat is fine, it feels too standard, and while the melee combat was fun, too, it didn't have the special flair to it that NG games did, let alone something like Bayonetta.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that there wasn't enough reward for player actions.
Even in games like NG or Bayonetta, when you killed something, you got something out of it, even if it was a minor enemy, be it halos to get new accessories and supplementary gear, or soul energy for powering up weapons, you always felt like you were getting something out of every encounter, even if it was only a little bit.

But in this, you don't really feel that sense of progression from killing something.
It's like knocking over a road cone in your path vs scaling a wall with a grappling hook; you're going to feel like you're doing something more exciting and progressive with the wall climbing.

I don't think they would have had to make the game completely different to make it a better one.

They just needed to give it better direction and more incentives for the player in battles.

Heck, even just giving the battles more flashy effects could be a reason to fight, in and of itself, if done right.

The key point is that they needed to make combat, both ranged and melee, more flashy, more extravagant, and more exciting both to watch and engage in.

They wouldn't need to make a whole different game to do that; just refining what the game had going for it while adding the right touches could have done it.

ApocalypseShadow3144d ago

I agree.it was a sloppy game.not to Itagaki's level of perfection.

roboshort3144d ago

I kind of want to play this game for the plot because it just looks so cheesy and fun. While the game looks really rough around the edges, at least it focuses on gameplay, unlike a lot of games not being made by indies or Nintendo these days.... Though it sounds like Red Steel 2 did melee x shooting better. If Itagaki had assembled a better team, Devil's Third might have been something special because it is obvious he had a vision.

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No sunlight that day, apparently.

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OtterX4d ago

They should release it on NSO's GBA lineup. The Switch has a light sensor afterall! (Switch Lite owners would be out of luck though)

Chocoburger3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I don't think games would be able to 'hook into' the light sensor for automatic screen brightness.
The best way to play the game is with the fan patch that lets you adjust the amount of light the game is receiving at will. Make sure not to play at max sunlight for too long, or the game will punish you, keep the sunlight meter lowered in order to keep playing longer.



Could Ganondorf Ever Be The Star Of A Zelda Game?

Gerudo or Gerudon't?

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LG_Fox_Brazil4d ago

A game starring a young Ganondorf... That would be kinda interesting

OtterX3d ago

Yea, maybe a story arc about how he becomes evil, but make him start out good/morally ambiguous.

Michiel19893d ago

nintendo and morally ambiguous is a dumpsterfire I'd like to watch.

DefaultComment3d ago

He already was playable in original Hyrule Warriors ... just saying.

Inverno3d ago

WW's Ganon would probably be the most interesting of the bunch. It'd be a good way to not only return to WW but also Ocarina. We could see more of his upbringing, his motivations for trying to find the sacred realm, the fallen timeline, the flood, and how he survived. Tho I don't think he'd work well game wise unless they're willing to let us kill Link. Otherwise it'd be a really good concept for an animated film.

SubtilizZer3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Omg if they could literally make him follow Links path similarly like maybe he had to deliver the items Link had to recover in the legend of Zelda in hopes to save a loved one or maybe for some political gain or maybe his father is betrayed by Hyrule omg my brain so many ways to do this very thing and it would work so well.

Like his family is left in possession of powerful artifacts that can shape or deal with issues plaguing different parts of their world. Through politics they agree to part with these but then when they part with them they are betrayed or setup. I don’t know but this shit would slap.

It could star a relative and Ganon could be a child that he stops to visit on his journey who looks up to his like a Shanks and Luffy kind of deal. Seeing Ganon as a young kid with no hate wow. Nintendo sleeping on this for real

Kneetos2d ago

He was my MVP in the hyrule warriors game
Probably the most fun character to play as