OXM Online: Bionic Commando Rearmed Review

Ryan McCaffrey from OXM Online writes:

"Having trained ourselves to effortlessly navigate 3D worlds and target small piles of pixels across the map in online shooters, you'd think we'd be more than able to handle an oldschool NES remake like Bionic Commando.

Whether we were more patient, stubborn, or skilled back in the NES era is debatable, but as of today, Bionic's return as a stillunique platformer (with drop-dead-gorgeous visuals, we might add) has its fun frequently interrupted by its maddening difficulty."

* Old-school swing mechanic is still unique.
* Gorgeous look, especially for a Live Arcade game.

* Anything less than perfect platforming = death.

* Who thought up the 3D-cube hacking mini-game thingy?

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