Microsoft Studios Okay With Rare Replay Releasing On Wii U?

An official tweet from Microsoft Studios earlier this month suggests they are okay with the fact that Rare Replay can come to Wii U one day.

This conversation started when Microsoft Studios announced that it is releasing and publishing Minecraft Wii U Edition. Someone asked if Rare Replay could be on Wii U as well.

Microsoft Studios replied with: “Suggest it to the great folks at @RareLtd“. This tweets sounds like they are suggesting that Rare should come up with the decision.

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I think that would be cool

Lon3wolf2662d ago

Yeah would be good for Wii-U only owners, it's a good pack that I am ashamed to say haven't played it nearly enough.


If you're ashamed to say you haven't played in enough them I'm definitely ashamed to say I traded it in already even though it was for a good cause. I traded in my xbox one launch system and a few of my games towards a brand new Xbox one elete

Concertoine2662d ago

Conker is sooo much fun to play through again, it looks great in 1080p too.

Dir_en_grey2662d ago

MS is sucking up to Nintendo now in hoping to get games in exchange...

dcbronco2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Nintendo is also getting Minecraft but you think Rare Replay is a scheme. SMFH. For your brilliance and for the four complete morons that actually agreed with what you said.

XisThatKid2661d ago

Well yea Wii u is a coasting platform. And what does MS have to lose in this it's not like this is going to be significantly less sales for Xbox as an alternative.

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Abracadabra2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

I don't think Microsoft counts the WiiU and PC market as competition. Rare Replay on PC/WiiU would gather a few extra sales and $$$$.

Actually ... it wouldn't be a bad idea for Nintendo and Microsoft to join forces in the home console business. A console that could play Nintendo and Xbox games...

freshslicepizza2662d ago

they do to some degree but a game like minecraft and rare replay are not games you would normally buy a system for. neither push the boundaries of the hardware or are unique to the hardware.

microsoft will also likely have time exclusives in place to give something like rare replay enough time to promote on the xbox one first since most sales occur early on. obviously they could put games like forza on the pc as well which i think would be great.

the bottom line it is all about enjoyment. so why should we as consumers get upset when a game normally exclusive to the hardware goes to another platform? the only people who should be concerned are those who sell hardware. does anyone here sell the hardware? no but any time you mention an exclusive going to a competitor you get disagrees here, why is that?

Rookie_Monster2662d ago

Could happen actually. Nintendo next system is codename "NX". NintendoXbox perhaps. LoL

Nah, but would be awesome if that was the case though. Smash Brothers on dedicated MS Azure server and Nintendo marketing MS games in Japan would be the benefit of this partnership, if it ever happens.

Fin_The_Human2662d ago

Abra Nintendo and MS joint forces would be awesome!!!

Can you imagine the Nintendo library on XBox Live and playing those Mario and Zelda games with the XBx1 controller.

Lon3wolf2662d ago

Ah nothing wrong with sacrifice for a good cause :)

Philface2662d ago

Would be great as many of those games were Nintendo games in the past.

Vhampir2662d ago

Donkey Kong Country could end up on XBox after all, hmmm...

Nintendo NX N X Nintendo Xbox... Half-Life 4 confirmed!

Condemnedman2661d ago

Vhampir.... That made me laugh 😁 genius

Zeref2662d ago

I'm a known Xbox fan and even I wouldn't have problems with that. Nobody messes with Nintendo. Nobody!

Fin_The_Human2662d ago

Well said man.

I would even hope MS would give Nintendo the Master Chief collection or the gears collection.

Erik73572662d ago

Microsoft becoming more and more like a 3rd party publisher every year.

VforVideogames2662d ago

True, minecraft on PS and now Rare Replay on Nintendo, whats next? Smashbros halo edition?

Christopher2662d ago

Saying this kinda gives the impression that Rare really has any choice in it when they actually don't. It's all up to MS.

UnholyLight2662d ago

Kind of nice that they aren't jerks about it and are alright with letting it release on Wii U

WildArmed2662d ago

If Rare really had any say in what they did, their past couple of games would have looked really different.

I doubt Rare has any control over what they do, everything would have to be approved by MS anyway (which makes sense since MS owns them).

GamingIVfun2662d ago

I personally don't think Rare Replay is going to be on Wii U. Minecraft is a different story it is already on everything but Wii U, Including PS4.

Just a lot of wishful thinking, Nintendo is never going to partner with Microsoft.

Fin_The_Human2662d ago

Kudos to MS and Spenser.

Would be great if Nintendo let's MS release Donkey Kong and Golden Eye on the Xbox.

Nintendo and MS would make a great partnership if that ever happed... MicroTendo.

CartBlanche2662d ago

If The X1 continues to flag behind PS4 sales, in 2 years time Microsoft will go where the money is, which is becoming a 3Rd party publisher. If that happens expect to see Halo, Gears and a lot more AAA Xbox franchises not only on Nintendo but Sony devices, probably the PS5.

GordonKnight2661d ago

Is this a sign that Banjo is coming to Smash?

Halo2ODST22661d ago

Wii-u gets Rare Replay, hopefully Nintendo allows a Goldeneye remake/remaster/port.

XanderZane2661d ago

It would be interesting to see Nintendo and Microsoft exchange popular games on each others systems. Especially if they stubbed Sony's console in the process. This would be one way for Microsoft to get more game sales in other countries.

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YinYangGaming2662d ago

Just more money for Rare & Microsoft at the end of the day considering it's not one of their AAA system-sellers or anything like that

christocolus2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Exactly. It would make sense.The game sold really well on Xbox One..wouldnt be a bad idea to put it on the wiiU too after all many of the titles in the collection were popular on Ninento systems.


dinosaurcrossbow2662d ago

Same with minecraft. They bought Mojang and released minecraft on PS4 to make money. Probably to make up for loses.

christocolus2662d ago

Not a bad idea. There are a lot of Rare fans on Nintendo systems and the game would sell great on the Wiiu. I hope we see Banjoe, kameo and Conker in the new Smash bros.

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FoxyGotGame2662d ago

Phil Spencer recently commented he would like to see Nintendo games on Xbox one day. MS seemingly A-Okay with Xbox Games releasing on Wii U.

Xbox Division smart trying to cosy up to Nintendo. It could help bolster Xbox presence in Japan, and of course 'The Games'.

There's more to this than meets the eye /

Lon3wolf2662d ago

Quite possibly but it is still good for gamers regardless.

FoxyGotGame2662d ago

I don't wish to seem rude...

but did any part of my comment suggest this wasn't good for gamer's? /

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Lon3wolf2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

"I don't wish to seem rude...

but did any part of my comment suggest this wasn't good for gamer's? /"

Did any part of it suggest it was?

FoxyGotGame2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

@Lon3wolf @Hazardman79

My apologies, in retrospect I was thoroughly defensive. It just seems every time I comment, even if it is in favor, I get misconstrued or my words are purposefully misunderstood. People just love to put words in other peoples mouth's around here ..I know, I know, welcome to N4G/Internet, right? /


Many assume I'm a PlayStation only gamer because of the PS in my user name. But that PS actually stands for 'Personified Soul'. There's a difference between being a fanboy and being a trolling fanboy /

2662d ago
Lon3wolf2662d ago

No worries forums are forums :)

Fin_The_Human2662d ago

Yup and from what I heard Nintendos new president is very open and wants to make Nintendo a more up to date company.

Go Phil and get Zelda and Mario on the Xbox!

Fin_The_Human2662d ago

Dude why are you mad.

A Nintendo and MS partnership would be awesome!!

Halo2ODST22661d ago

Dude, don't expect N4g commenters to understand such basics, they aren't an Essay marker, who looks at your answer & what is says, these people assume if you don't say something, then you're making a point against what you haven't said, either way, you shouldn't respond to people who lack basic reading skills.

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DLConspiracy2662d ago

I don't know if the person who wrote that is MS. Just someone they pay to run the twitter. Just saying.

2662d ago
DLConspiracy2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

@hazard man

In other words. Not a top exec who makes calls on games coming to other competing platforms. Ya know like Phil spencer. I'm sure he is busy with his own twitter.

I looked for a person by the name "Microsoft Studios" in the employment log. Turns out that's just a name of a blog and probably run by some kid who gets paid to do social media. Yes paid by MS but not Phil spencer. Smart astronaut.

Halo2ODST22661d ago

i don't know why, but that ET picture you have looks a bit like Marty O'Donnell.