My First Steam Refund Request Is Tetris

Patricia Hernandez:

"Yesterday, Tetris Ultimate, the latest official version of the classic puzzle game, was released on Steam for $14.99. Today, I asked for a refund."

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hiredhelp1674d ago

This is abit lame article from kotaku..


Most of the time they always are

WeAreLegion1673d ago

Wow. This guy is the worst.

The updated Tetris theme is awesome. The neon colors don't hurt my eyes, nor anyone else's eyes I've played it with.

This is the best Tetris game we've had in a long time.

timmyp531673d ago

its a gal but yeah should have kept this to herself

WeAreLegion1673d ago

Darn it. I KNEW when I was writing the comment that it was most likely a girl, but didn't go back to read it again.

holtzy1673d ago

tetris is a horrible boring piece of shit