Future PS3 firmware updates we need PART I

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The Playstation 3 still needs a lot of new features if it really wants to stick out and impress the customers. We here at That Gaming Site are going to take a closer look at what we think is needed and our views on if it is possible.

When you play a PS3 game it comes up on your friends list doesn't it? Well does it work when you play PS2/PS games? or how about a Blu-ray movie? Your right it doesn't. As little as this may be we think it is needed because it will make all the difference. Is it possible, it has to be. The PS3 does recognise what PS2 game is being played because they add new ones in the firmware updates do they not? The games have some sort of code that the console needs to recognise to play and they add these via updates. So what is stopping them from adding something that reads this code and displays it, rather than logging us off? The blu-ray movies once again must be possible. Our games are all on Blu-ray and that is possible so why not just do the same with the movies? We are not to sure if standard DVD's are possible, but most likely they are not.

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AStupidXbot3718d ago

I'm A Stupid Xbot, all they need is in-game voice message, then XBL will be history.

socomnick3718d ago

Part 1 of a 300 part series 8)

Tobias1233718d ago

Part 1 of a 300 part series indeed, means it'll have 299 more features than the Xbox 360:P

Seriously, take it to the open zone.

MaximusPrime3718d ago

what the f is wrong with you? take it to open zone or you lose most of your bubbles.

MAiKU3718d ago

Well they're called xBOTS for a reason i suppose.

kevin11123718d ago

he probably has multiple accounts, so he isnt worried about his bubbles. seems like him and every other xbox troll do not lose bubbles, and they say this site is run by sony fanboys lol.

Real Gambler3718d ago

It doesn't matter to me if it's part 1 or part 300. If that's what some poor soul think it's needed for the PS3, then for me it means the PS3 is perfect as it is. Last thing I want when I watching a movie, is someone telling me the movie suck and I should be playing a game instead.

Well, I could add a few thing too I guess.

Slice bread
Make coffee
Clean the house
Mow the lawn
Turn blue when I'm angry
Make a fart noise when I turn it on

And I'm sure people can add too it too. Geez, it's a game console that is already doing way too much already. I'll take anything else they will throw at me, but I love it as it is already.

joemayo763717d ago

yea i dont really agree with most of those "opinions". What is REALLY needed is multi-user logins for those splitscreen co-op trophies (SSDHD, and certain there will be more in the future) kinda sux after helping my buddy get the trophy i gotta do it again on my PSN.

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hay3718d ago

Me wanna makin' screenshots in XMB!

BulletToothtony3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

and i don't like to be bothered while i watch a movie.. in fact i'm glad it automatically logs me out when i pop a bluray in.

The ps3 already comes packed with all the features you need and then some.. Anything extra they add yes i welcome it, but i can already play online for free and access xmb.. not stop with the hate from 2006-7 it's done fellas move on.

These articles are completely lame.. these writers should write better things rather than make an article for every little wish they can think of.

kapedkrusader3718d ago

...but I don't know if I want people to know that I'm watching "Latina Sex Whores of the Hymalayas" on blu-ray.

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The story is too old to be commented.