Wonderwallweb get hands on with Little Big Planet

Quote from site:

"Wonderwallweb has managed to grab a press pass for the Edinburgh Interactive Festival, avoiding the crazies at the Fringe to get hands-on with the latest debug version of this game. I, like many others have seen loads of screenshots and general talk of this game but it had not really sank into my mind as a must have game, however coming away from the debug version I now yearn for more exploits with the unfortunately named hero".

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Jamie Foxx3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

for this game, at first i though dang noone to kill no blood how am i supposed to cope but then i realised those would be 360 hardcore gamer thoughts, JOKE, I JEST, jamie foxx the comedian

in all seriousness this game is top of my list right now

AStupidXbot3808d ago

I'm A Stupid Xbot, looks like I'll be hands on with Pinatas.

PimpHandStrong3808d ago



are must buys this year!

add in Warhawk pack!


2008 is the Year of Sony

just like 2007

wangdiddy823808d ago

every year is sony's year.. 2009.. Killzone, infamous, god of war, and the list goes on and on..

Oh yea you forgot about Motorstorm 2 this year.. That is also a must buy title.. Motorstorm 2 will be the new super off road..

clintos593808d ago

I believe it will not only have great reviews around the board but it will also sell very well and move alot of systems and will be successful online. Truelly this game will be awesome.

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