Why I Can’t Wait for Far Cry Primal

SegmentNext - It was in 2004 when Crytek made and Ubisoft published Far Cry came out for Microsoft Windows. Fast forward to 2015 and four major titles , five spinoffs and one live action movie later Far Cry franchise has become one of the most prominent names in the gaming industry.

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chrisx2116d ago

From what I've seen its a Farcry3 and 4 se-skinning. Ubisoft needs to stop these yearly games mentality they have for their ips

showtimefolks2115d ago

Ubi can't or won't stop till people keep buying their games. This was meant as a dlc just like blood dragon yet why not charge full price

A lot of famers want blood dragon 2 in a much bigger game yet ubi don't want to do that

And wild looks much better and is a lot more interesting from what I have seen. The head of development team is really talented with his past games and he use to be with ubi

esmittystud1012115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

Far Cry 4 was the only Far Cry game I had ever played, I was really into it. Maybe the funnest co op I have had last year. But when I saw this game I didn't have the same feeling I had last year the first time I saw Far Cry 4 gameplay. No helicopter, no vehicles, no guns. I'm wondering how they are gonna pull it off. So I keep getting details here and there regarding the gameplay and what you would be working with. Okay, they seem to mangage to atleast pull something off. Seeing how the wildlife will work is a little interesting. So I'm still not set on getting the game until I see more, but then I saw ARK: Survival Evolved.

After I saw this game. The trailer had been out a while to and I never saw it. After seeing ARK: Survival Evolved it made the Far Cry Primal light burn out completely. It has guns too. You can ride a scorpion with your friends even. I don’t have any details on this game other than the trailer but it was enough for me to decide that Far Cry Primal would just collect dust while ARK: Survival Evolved would not. It might be my most anticipated game of 2016 so far.

If you don’t agree I understand. There are a lot of Far Cry fans out there and I hope Far Cry Primal does good in sales so they will keep the series going. But ARK: Survival Evolved looks amazing. Horizon Dawn Zero and Scalebound get put on the back burner to this.