Every main Far Cry game ranked from worst to best

Far Cry is one of the kings of the modern-day open-world, and we have ranked all of the entries from worst to best.

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Mithan54d ago

Played them all except Primal, but I think Farcry 5 really is the best for everything except story, which I didn't like due to the "forced" sections which screwed up the flow. The shooting was excellent and the vehicle (plane and everything else) was great. The graphics were very good too.

Axecution54d ago

Far Cry 5 was sweet. Kinda funny though - I discovered pretty early on that you can literally just stand on a hill super far away with binoculars and tell your buddy to go kill a person. Then do it to the next guy. Then the next. And again. There was no consequence for this. Your buddy can die, sure, but you can just spawn them back and do it again lmao.

So insane they let that slide in the game

anast54d ago

I enjoyed 4, but didn't buy the others because I was worried that they would be reskins of whatever time they were made.

Rebel_Scum54d ago

I dont think theyve done better since 3. 4 & 5 were great. Blood Dragon was fantastic and deserves a full game sequel tbh. Make it Far Cry on Saints Row steroids.

chicken_in_the_corn54d ago

New Dawn

Kabaneri54d ago

Far Cry 5's ending was perfect.... New Dawn was mediocre though.