Why XCOM 2 is a PC exclusive: 'Naturally, PC was the answer'

MMGN writes: After a number of years on the sidelines, XCOM: Enemy Unknown reignited the famed XCOM series' place in the turn-based strategy genre. With its release on PC as well as Xbox 360 and PS3 (and later, mobile devices), developer Firaxis introduced the series to a new generation of players.

With XCOM 2, however, Firaxis is focusing exclusively on PC: at this stage, there are no plans to bring it to other platforms.

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ArchangelMike2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

With 50 million PS4/XbOne's out in the wild? Well it looks like someone doesn't like money. /s

I'll bet anymoney that the PC is simply the lead dev platform, and once that version is done and dusted, itll get ported to consoles.

WildArmed2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Well.. obviously PC is the lead platform. It's only ON PC at the moment.

They never said anything about consoles not having a large enough base, but Firaxis has always been a huge PC developer.

They put out great games and have received a lot of support in turn (Civilizations, etc).

They put out XCOM on PS3/360/PC on the same day. (hell, I have a plat on PS3 for XCOM)

The interest on consoles just wasn't as strong unf. So it makes sense for them to focus on PC first, and then think about the viability of porting.

It's going to be a fantastic game regardless of where it does and doesn't end up.

My Plat :)

Vegamyster2116d ago

Both the 360/PS3 versions which were well above 50+ million combined don't even make up 1/3 the number of PC sales for the previous game, unless they see more demand i wouldn't expect them to bring it to consoles any time soon.

TheTwelve2115d ago

It will absolutely be out for PS4 one day; I simply can't wait that long so PC it is

hiredhelp2116d ago

Nothin against other formats but we need our own exclusives too, soo many PC only games moving to consoles.

BellePelouse2116d ago

Exclusive are a marketing stunt to sell console, so they won't happen on PC unless Microsoft is willing to pay to make it a Windows 10 exclusive.

Seafort2116d ago

It's nothing to do with Microsoft. They only develop the OS they don't own the PC platform or PC gaming.

BellePelouse2116d ago

I know Microsoft doesn't own the platform, what i'm saying is that they are the only one who could see profit from paying to making a game a PC exclusive because it COULD entice people to buy windows.

I know, its far fetched

_-EDMIX-_2116d ago

Who do you mean "we"? PC gamers don't own that team, they don't have rights over their IPs. The reality is, PC is open source, no one owns it. No one has an ode to ONLY make a title for that platform. Those that do many times do so based on not having the funding to even port else where.

Why do you think you see so many PC titles coming to PS4 and XONE? Once Sony and MS ok'ed self publishing and a open platform for developers to come aboard, of course they are going to seek to make more money, its just the way it is.

Many PC titles are default exclusive to PC due to either input or do to the team not having the funding to port.

"soo many PC only games moving to consoles" Soooo don't you think that they were only "PC only" do to legal issues with Sony and MS that this gen they've cleared up?

PS4 and XONE have lots of PC developers coming aboard do to the new publishing polices set forth, anyone can make a game on PS4 and XONE JUST like they can on PC.

They were never really PC only as much as they where stuck on PC due to funding or even like I stated polices. Some of those polices stated you needed a publisher just to make a game on those platforms, that isn't the case any longer.

Did you really think they were PC only prior as to just give you some sort of bragging rights?

What is Hiredhelp having a PC exclusive doing for those teams? That isn't really helping them in terms of money bud.

freshslicepizza2116d ago

some pc games are also hard to put on consoles due to the control scheme. this is why civ 5 hasn't come out for consoles yet.

perhaps the ps4 and xbox one can support the steam controller?

there are also going to be games that can run better on the pc. which is why the pc should actually be the lead platform for a lot of games. i'd date to find out some games like the witcher 3 were actually scaled down because of the limitations of the consoles for example.

_-EDMIX-_2116d ago

@Moldy- Already stated input and a Civ game has come to console before.

Also CDPR themselves stated they couldn't even afford to make Witcher 3 some huge PC exclusive and the only reason they are able to make it look as good as they can today (or afford to) is due to having a PS4 and XONE version as well.

Just cause its technically possible, doesn't means its financially feasible or even makes sense.

Simply put it, Witcher 3 is only as grand, as huge and as great looking as it is due to being able to make a return on a deep investment.

To make it ONLY on PC ,would 100% mean less return, thus they would need to make those specs lessor to get a larger PC install base vs enthusiast.

freshslicepizza2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

that civ game is nothing like civ 5. it's trimmed way down for the consoles.

_-EDMIX-_2116d ago

@Moldy- I don't disagree with that, but its clear the concept can work on consoles. If anything they should just allow keyboard input as I'm pretty sure that isn't an issue to Sony or MS.

Its not impossible. Halo Wars 1.

Hell, Halo Wars 2 now is on both PC and Console. Tons of other RTS games can be stated too.

hiredhelp2116d ago

@EDMIX Respect your comment, Im not Aiming at this game or devs being PC only.
I was mearly saying there have been many games that have stayed on PC some have recently moved to consoles, From somebody who played the golden age era of PC Its nice to see some sticking to there PC platform as for money there been titles that have thrved for years pc only doing expansions and sequels that costs money.
End of the day Unless you got greedy CEO or publisher tied too doesnt always need to be about money as long as pays there wages there costs and extra profit...

_-EDMIX-_2116d ago

@Hired- " doesnt always need to be about money" in terms of what we are talking about...........yes...yes it is lol.

I mean, they can't just afford to simply keep a game on a platform just because ,again consider what CDPR stated about Witcher 3, it wasn't even going to be made the way you see it unless they had consoles to make it on.

They couldn't afford to make it this extremely demanding game on PC as lack of return, low enthusiast install base.

They needed to release it on console to be able to even make it as demanding as it is on PC as to not SOLELY rely on that install base for its return.

Having it on many systems is why it is even as huge, detailed, demanding or as epic as it currently is.

Mind you, that is straight from the developer.

I get and understand making a game FIRST on PC that has a concept that makes sense to focus on first, a RTS maybe, Sim type MMO like Star Citizen etc, but if its made on console AFTER the fact, it can only serve to help the team, it will actually help them.....well make more games for PC.

Its a win / win and I don't see any reason to not make a console version after a PC version is made, I do get why one would be a bit worried about having many developments going on for 1 game ie Arkham Knight, but I think we can agree that if its worked on respectfully for PC or made for consoles after the focus on PC, its no harm to anyone really other then the developer ironically.

Who is looking to make less money due to choosing to stay on a single platform? Consider even Chris Roberts stated Star Citizen could come to PS4 and XONE AFTER the PC version is done. He never ruled it out.

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wtopez2116d ago

Why? I'm fine with PC games moving to consoles as long as it doesn't hamper the original experience. Also the PC will still have the better version of the game so it's a win/win.

neocores2116d ago ShowReplies(2)
poppinslops2116d ago

'Enemy Unknown' ended up on damn-near every platform - even mobile... The sequel doesn't look like an especially demanding game (specs-wise), so it will likely start being ported once the PC version's out.

_-EDMIX-_2116d ago

Agreed. That is what I believe they are currently doing.

WildArmed2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Yup, they even said that when they started on the game, no next-gen consoles were even out!

So they probably just want to get the game out. I'm super excited about the launch! I was frustrated that it was delayed from 2015!

Truthfully, that's the best way to handle.

The console versions of XCOM had a lot of issues, it's not easy managing such a large game and porting it to three platforms.

ninjahunter2116d ago

Always seemed like more of A PC franchise to me. Makes me happy that they plan to take advantage of the open nature of PC.

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