Xenoblade Chronicles X Composer Comments On The Game’s Music

Nintendo has released a couple of music videos showcasing the music from Xenoblade Chronicles X, along with some comments from the game’s composer, Hiroyuki Sawano.

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Kalebninja2116d ago

The music is annoying as hell, I thought the style of music they chose, for the city at least, was interesting but its not very good.

christheredhead2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Yah, I agree. So far, overall, the music is just "ok". At some parts its weird or just doesn't fit the feel of the area/section.

What bothers me the most is some of the soundtracks for certain sections have lyrics, but the scene or battle will also have talking or dialogue and it sort of just muffles together into a mess. I think if they replaced any of the lyric's based tracks, the music would be stronger.

The music is not as good as Xenoblade Chronicles, but its alright. I enjoy it for the most part.

iplay1up22115d ago

The music is hit and miss. I really like some, and then there are some areas I turn it down.....still a fantastic game, it compels me to play it more than any game has in years. Definitely a game I play a couple hours at a time as often as I can.

AWBrawler2115d ago

Idk. I love the music. I even like the NLA night time music. I think it's perfect and I don't even like rap much, but the battle them is priceless

vanity292115d ago

The ost is very epic anime like. The kind of music you wanna here during the right times kind of thing.

When you first enter NLA for instance, i thought that was really well done visually and musically.

AWBrawler2114d ago

Exactly. It's very anime indeed and the theme that plays when you're flying around is the stuff of dreams. I love it

pootymcpoockle2115d ago

I thought the soundtrack was was fantastic! With the exception of the battle rap of course, because that track is awful.

AWBrawler2114d ago

Clearly you're losing your way and need some protection lol