GamesRadar: Gaming's fittest fatties

Video game characters are increasingly becoming the poster children for gym membership. With most of gaming's heroes and heroines being chiseled, pert and with cheek bones you could grate cheese on, there seems to be less and less room for the more gelatinous gentleman in the industry.

That's why GamesRadar thought they'd celebrate those characters who said no to Atkins and still managed to pull off moves that would shame most gold-winning Olympians. But while they might seem fighting fit on your console, they'll look at the grim reality these gaming goliaths would face as a result of their big bones.

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rogimusprime4687d ago

medusa's sister with her "four arms" from god of war 2. I'm not even going to talk about the last sister of fate....

protekjv4686d ago

how long and times it took you to defeat them?

Sangria4686d ago

Oh a GamesRadar's article, it was missing me. And oh, this article is a crappy "Top X", how surprising. Good to hear they are not dead yet.

Shadow Man4686d ago

Fat Princess will soon be part of that list.

dro4686d ago (Edited 4686d ago )

another reason y gta4 was so lame compared to gta3...u could make ur character go fat or slim..e.t.c......the more i see gta3 pics it just reminds me y i hate gta4 so much. (>_<)

H-V-H4686d ago

I hated that feature in GTA:SA, nothing but a waste of time.

ohnoTheRancor4686d ago

the Fat Guy from NES Hockey. that guy had a monster slap shot!!

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