RPGs that should be released as PS2 Classics [PSU]

With the recent announcement of PlayStation 2 Classics being re-released on PlayStation 4 it's only fitting that we all want our favorite games to make the transition sooner rather than later. The PS2 was home to some of the most innovative and exciting role-playing games the industry has ever seen. Here are five such role-playing games and franchises that should be released as classics.

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PSN_ZeroOnyx1045d ago

Wild Arms 3 would be great. However, I really want to play Front Mission 3 more than anything. FM3 maybe a strategy/RPG but it was one of the best games released on the PS2 and way better than Front Mission Evolved on PS3. IMHO.

Godmars2901045d ago

Can't think of anything that isn't better than FM: Evolved.

Godmars2901045d ago

Would certainly buy the Xenogears saga again.

More so since I never got round to finishing it.

nitus101045d ago

Still have those games and they work fine on my backwards compatible PS3.

It would be even greater if the PS4 allowed owners of PS2 game disks to read those games onto the PS4 disk for playing via the PS2 emulator.

Obviously if I don't have a particular PS2 game I would expect to pay for it at a reasonable price.

franwex1045d ago

I just realized that xenosaga episode 3 is the only game I'm missing from this team. Haven't finished a single one either...

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