System Shock 3 In Development By Otherside Entertainment

OtherSide Entertainment recently launched a teaser site with the rather on-the-nose domain othersidetease.com, featuring a countdown clock and a slowly changing image. It appears that the surprise has been spoiled, with another page discovered on the site featuring the title of System Shock 3, the OtherSide Entertainment logo and social media accounts, and a link to sign up for a mailing list.

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Concertoine2913d ago

I would love a new system shock, especially since bioshock got so dumbed down with infinite.

2912d ago
Kalebninja2909d ago

BioShock Infinite was the only visually interesting entry to me which is why I played it. Fantastic game but with the differences from the original I can see why fans might not like it.


How Warren Spector got back to making his latest game

OtherSide Entertainment has bounced back from the cancellation of System Shock 3 and Warren Spector is working on a new game.

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MadLad624d ago

The father of the immersive sim.

Yui_Suzumiya624d ago

Still would have loved a System Shock 3 though


System Shock 3 dev confirms Tencent will be "taking the franchise forward"

Confirming reports circulating earlier this week, developer OtherSide Entertainment has announced that Chinese corporation Tencent has assumed control of System 3 and will be "taking the System Shock franchise forward" from this point on.

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SaveFerris1289d ago

Tencent 'assuming control' is a bit of a shock to the system.

monkey6021289d ago

There's about to be a whole lot of angry nerds in moral turmoil 😂

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System Shock 3 Team "No Longer Employed"

A recent report has suggested that the development team behind System Shock 3 might no longer be working on the game. We've got all the details you need on what this could mean for the future of the franchise.

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frostypants1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Hugely lame. This would be like finally announcing the development of Half Life 3, then scrapping it. But worse, because people have been waiting for this way longer.

Dovergamer1389d ago

Sony should acquire them.