What Do We Think of Post-Launch Lootboxes? - Keen Cast Ep. 10 - KeenGamer

On the tenth episode of Keen Cast, David, Sean, and Tim voice their opinions on post-launch lootboxes, Billy Mitchell’s latest lawsuit, KFC’s official dating simulator, our beloved Sneak King, and all the major news from this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

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AK91628d ago

Lootboxes in general need to go

CrimsonWing69628d ago (Edited 628d ago )

I just never give into them.

I think more so than the loot boxes being an issue is how a game is developed around them. The concept of optionally paying for boosts, items, and whatnot isn’t an issue per se, it’s the fact that a game is developed around monetization that is the problem.

If, say, God of War had loot boxes for currency, upgrade materials or whatever, but the game stayed exactly as it is where all of these items could be acquired just as easily by playing the game and just going a little bit out of your way to farm some stuff, I think it’d be fine.

The real issue is the designing of a game to force people into spending money on these loot boxes or really any form of microtransaction for that matter.