Technically flawed anime games are often still golden for fans

Matt Ferguson of [email protected] is a sucker for licensed anime video games, regardless of their technical flaws. His feature takes a look at why even mediocre anime games are often still endlessly entertainingly for fans of the original media.

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Fro_xoxo2234d ago

This is actually true...

I remember investing countless hours playing Naruto Ultimate Ninja on PS2 versus my best mate.

The game use to be slaughtered by the media with ratings such as 3/10 lol..

rainslacker2233d ago

For me it was that Bleach game. Not that I can say I actually had that much fun with it...but for some reason I kept going and actually liked it.

Jmanzare2234d ago

same goes for any game really. i remember toe jam and earl on the original xbox got horrible reviews but i grew up with that game on the sega genesis and loved both games.

donwel2234d ago

It's the waifus, obviously.

Swiggins2233d ago

Too much Waifu will ruin your Laifu.

SilverClock2234d ago

Tales games don't usually get amazing scores, but I love them as I would a triple A game! :)

rainslacker2233d ago

Next article

"Technically flawed games are often still golden to reviewers" *

small print
*by flawed we mean broken. By golden, we mean how much we think we think we can line our pockets by giving it a perfect score.

On topic

Maybe people don't always look for every little flaw like reviewers do. It's also possible that the enjoyment one gets from playing a game outweighs those flaws, and for fans of a game or IP, anime or not, the idea of being able to have a new experience with that counter-acts the negative aspects of it.

However, if an anime game is complete trash, the anime fan is just as likely to complain about it as the gamer. Probably more so really because they can be pretty passionate about their anime. Some anime forums are quite scary when a bad game crops up. That being said, most anime games that make it westward are generally pretty solid. Probably have a lower percentage of technically flawed games than most western produced AAA games nowadays.

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