Killer Bundle 6 Offers 41 Steam Games For Only $4.99

Bundle Stars has today unleashed the world’s biggest mixed bundle of digital games, all of which appear in this format for the first time.

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Pixelart1140d ago

Wow! Lichdom: Battlefield is in there. I've wanted this. Love gaming on PC.

JamesBroski1140d ago

This bundle is freaking amazing, I'm getting it just for Lichdom: Battlemage

sorceror1711140d ago

It's worth it for Monstrum alone. My oldest son played it once and bought it immediately. His younger brothers have been having a blast just watching him play it.

NotoriousWhiz1140d ago

That looks like a great deal. I don't even play games on my computer, but I may pick this up. Maybe eventually, we'll be able to stream steam games to my xbox one and then I'll be set.