The best and worst video game collector's editions

Committing to the purchase of a collector’s edition is tricky. There are so many things to think about: Will it actually look like the pictures? Is it all just hype? And can you honestly afford to spend that much on a set of night vision goggles that you’re very unlikely to ever use? Yes, I’m looking at you, COD fans.

Below are five excellent examples of the humble collector’s edition done properly, as well as five that bring shame to the prestigious title, with the average prices calculated from recent eBay listings.

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EverydayJoe1139d ago

That Post-pandemic edition statue The Last of Us is really nice. I wish I would have bought that one rather than the steelbook art book version.

bradley791139d ago

Gotta love the retardedly-legoistic USB flash drives of Star Wars... Looks like someone in Lucas and Disney was on his last day of work, ever.